Improved skirmisher unit, and elephant

Hi all, we need look back the skirmisher unit.
1:Indeed they get create for counter melee attack unit not the archer unit. And you can not cast the spear further than shoot the arrow. See Hercules just cast the spear far 130m and weaknesses bow can shoot further than 130m.
Normal person who can through more than 40m ???.

  • So now I suggest to reduce range of skirmisher 2 range from 4 to 2 and 5 to 3 but will + 2 damage bonus to melee unit .
    Skirmisher: range 2
    Elite skirmisher: range 3
    They +2 more damage bonus melee attack.

2: elephant was make horse and camel scare they in real war some time horse and camel will run before elephant don’t talk to fight with they.

  • so please remove bonus damage from camel to elephant war + elephant archer what make you thing about camel can make elephant scare they ???real Strategy game :v
    It more real for this unit

No. Historical accuracy is nice, but gameplay must always be the priority. Skirmishers are balanced as they are, and doing this would only ruin them from a gameplay standpoint. Same for elephants, although they are too weak.


Hmmm, make it range same archer not good, a bit reduce 1 range @@@

Honestly, I catch your point and agree in a high porcentage but, being realistic, it is naive think in such a changes would be implemented.
Gotten on the train of imagination:

1: I’d rework the skirmisher as you say, as a trash infantry and elephants counter. Split archer-line in bowman-line and crossbow-line. Making bowman-line a multipurpose trash ranged unit (good and cheap but high training time) and crossbow a mix of both, taking in count that is the only gold unit between them (good and easy to mass but expensive).

2: Remove camel bonus vs eles, agree. Reduce spearm-line bonus vs eles and give scorpions and gunpowerd units more bonus vs eles. Make siege and gunpowder affected by balistics. Replace any overlapping civ bonus or UT with something else. (romans and Portuguese)


Hmmm thank for comments, but archer always better cross bow, shoot further and faster stronger but through peirce armor worst than cross bow, something AOE4 make wrong for bow.

Could someone tell me where do I find camels bonus against elephants? Because, as far as I know, the only bonus damage they take is from their CAVALRY ARMOR, not from ELEPHANT ARMOR


Thank so much for information but why I see camel get bonus damage to elephant? Or I get mistake? Ỉn your information I do not see camel get bonus damage to elephant

Units might have more than one type of armor. For example, Battle Elephants have War Elephant and Cavalry, so they take bonus damage for their later armor; War Elephants have these two and Unique Unit Class Armor, so they take Samurai bonus damage

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Camels melt vs pike line, militia line and any infantry. They do very bad vs archers. They do bad vs buildings. If you delete bonus vs elephants, you make them a trash unit so delete the gold cost in this case…

More seriously, camels are fine.


Hmmm , and skirmisher need ruduce 1 or 2 range??

No, skirmishers need to be left as they are. They are an archer counter. That is their role. Their role should not be changed for historical purposes. Just leave them alone.


Agree. Skirmisher just like Halberdier counter paladin.

And also Skirmisher can counter Halberdier too

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What are you talking about? Your screenshots here show the relate pop efficiency of skirms against HCA compared to halb vs paladin. The matchups aren’t remotely comparable, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove.

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Just want to tell they are an archer counter. That is their role

Am i the only one who understood nothing about Author post? He proposes to completely change skirmisher or something like that?


Yes. Which nobody wants to do. Which is why everyone is responding so negatively, because it’s not a good idea.


Because skirmisher get same range with archer this thing horible.

No. Your changes are not a good idea. It’s not at all good for the game.