When you advance to the next age there comes a progress bar. Its always blue. It should be defined on the civ color.


I like this. Small detail, yet important! :slight_smile:

Thx. Ive always came with improvements to details in everyday life and people tend to like them. I also have mild Aspergers that explains how I pay attention to details. Im also a heart transplant survivor and got a blood cloth in brain 7yo. I lost 25% of sight on left eye so I play a bit slower.

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For me its unbelievable that its hasn’t been done yet and it should be extended to AoE 2-4. Ive grown up at hospital and have no friends.


What you said is touching to me, and I hope you experience lots of great things in your life. A friend, from my point of view, is someone who cares about your sake and behaves accordingly. While we are probably many kilometers away, you can certainly think of me as one :slightly_smiling_face:

You are probably a very interesting human being. Cheers!

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Its also my opinion that the text that shows which age you are progressing to should not be there when the color progress bar are there. A new player may ask: Which age am I in? Tool Age, progressing to Tool Age or progressing to Bronze Age? The roman numerical to left shows which age you are in so the text are not only confusing but disturbs the color.

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Its also my opinion that you should have different colors for different campaigns when new civs are played. It should be:

Assyrian - Blue
Babylonian - Red
Carthaginian - Yellow
Choson - Brown
Egyptian - Orange
Greek - Green
Hittite - pPurple
Macedonia - Cyan

and then again starts at:

Minoan Blue

also the history maps in campaign should change.


I forgot to write that color of AI should also change.