Improvements for Season 8

Here will summarize the most desired improvements for next season and which I think are the consensus in the community:

  1. Match Xbox interface and hotkeys with PC (mouse/keyboard)

  2. Solution for maphackers

  3. Improve the replay interface and caster mode to make life easier for those who stream and promote Age on social media.

  4. Being able to choose the spawn point in team games

  5. Being able to reconnect up to 1 or 2 minutes later.

These improvements will take the game to another level

  1. Give us the choice of having the minimap in the left bottom corner, together with all other crucial data/information.

  2. fix unit pathing

  3. fix unit attack priority (units/buildings) - ideally let units NEVER attack buildings unless you rightclick on them
    8.1 → attackmove should ignore buildings entirely and only let your units attack whatever unit/villager/siege weapon comes in the way
    8.2 military units should ignore rams when enemy units are nearby, unless you give them an order to attack them

  4. create a hotkey for eco/military only dragbox
    when holding the hotkey and your dragbox units on the screen, only select either military or eco units by CHOICE

  5. lock ranked play for non-owned game copies, which are being shared through steam family share

  6. significantly (!) improve unit readibility, especially OOTD spear/landsknecht

  7. make ranked lobbies anonymous

  8. remove Forts from ranked map pool or increase number of possible vetos

  9. rebalance civs/matchups where one side has less than 30% winrate in mid/high elo
    super-hard-handicap matchups should not exist in 1v1


I agree with almost everything you posted, but I didn’t understand what the point of item 10. Regarding item 13, I don’t think the number of vetoes should be increased, as this will make matchmaking more difficult and longer

And about item 8, I have doubts as to whether this would be good. The change you suggest would make life much easier for those who are attacking and would also change the strategy of using rams to receive damage instead of troops.

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