Improvements to Coat of Arms and In-Game Colour

Hello guys,

I have seen a lot of posts about QoL improvements to the game. While AoE 4 is really great as a base game I think there are some pretty simple and easy to implement features that could add a lot more character and personality to the game, which would make it a lot more fun for people like me and I am hoping for others as well.

On the topic of the coat of arms, I Have seen plenty of posts about improvements to the selection of colours and I personally think the colour wheel should be implemented in this regard for a primary and a secondary colour. However, I think that the colour of your banner should translate directly to the colour of your units, and moreover, your banner should be visible on building and unit flags (like the flags of siege engines) which would make things a lot more interesting than being able to just change a statue in your TC. I cant imagine this would be terribly difficult to implement and its features like this that would increase the longevity and fun-factor of the game A LOT for me. There have been a lot of posts on improving coat of arms mechanics but wondering what you guys think about my own take