Improving DE Friends List and Game Finding

I believe there are some counterintuitive designs to the friends list and chat system that could easily be fixed and improve the health of the Aoe 3 De community. Aoe 3 TAD had a green light next to a friend’s name when they were online, yet DE does not have this feature. I am certain it would take a dev very little effort to add this into the game and doing so would help players form more premade groups for ranked and casual lobbies. It would also be intuitive to have a button in casual lobbies to re-invite all players from the last game instead of having to go to last played and invite them individually. Further, it would be great to be able to add a status or message to your profile to share a joke with your friends, state you are looking for partners for ranked que, or need help learning a new civilization, etc. If this game wants to stay alive and grow the devs should make player to player communication and match-finding as easy as possible.


I believe the button you’re looking for is located in postgame stats window.

Yes, I am aware of this button in post game stats but think it should also be available in a fresh casual lobby. Thank you!