Improving Regicide

Hey everyone. Just played the Norman Campaign (Battle of Lincoln) and recognized that the Hero Unit had an Aura that improved his units.

  • faster attack speed
  • more damage

My initial thought was: Wouldn´t it be cool to implement it as an option/upgrade in the Regicide Mode. It would open up so many more tactical strategies and battles instead just hide the king in the castle.


Great idea. I would love this option and a hero mod whit heroes like Joanna from Orlean, Dschingis Khan and others.

Besides they should fix it that AI attacks with their king in royal rumble. This is very stupid.

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Exactly! Would be so much fun and makes also sense in historical context that they buff the moral of the troops.

Hahaha i didn´t wanted it to mention because it so silly but for real they should be able to fix that in no time.

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I made a post with suggestions to improve royal rumble. Lots of the suggestions would also be well suited for a hero mod. Royal Rumble Mod Improvements

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after first trailers many speculate, that there will be heroes.
But guess what? n o

Yes :frowning: Heroes would be very cool. Hopefully there will be a hero mod as I described in my referenced post above soon.