Royal Rumble Mod Improvements

Hello everyone

Yesterday I played the Royal Ramble Mod versus the AI.

I have some suggestions on how to improve the mod.

  1. The AI attacked me with the king in the first minutes of the game. This is a stupid behavior which leads to a easy victory for me. The AI should protect the king in an intelligent way. I don’t know if you could change the AI behavior within a mod. If not this is a reason for me to integrate the mod in the existing game in order to be able to change the AI.
  2. I think the king should be at least as fast as a regular unit. For me the king is to slow. Could also be as fast as in aoe2.
  3. Please make the Royal Rumble mode combinable with the other winning conditions. Not as a complete separate window.
  4. The king should have a weapon and should be a strong unit. An unit which is crucial to the course of a battle.
  5. It would be nice to have hero kings for each civilization. Like Dschingis Khan for the mongols, William for England and so on. Of course they should look unique.
  6. Ideally you combine it with special capabilities for each king.
  7. Please add unique sounds for each civilisation king. For example a french king could say pour Orleans or something like that when you tell him to attack :smiley:

I know that are lots of improvement suggestions but if you do all this things I am sure that this would be an awesome mod which the players love.

Furthermore if you implement those things there would be already most things done for a second very cool possible mod: Hero mod where each civ has a hero like described before. In contrast to royal rumble the hero would live again when your units are near from him. Similar like in aoe3 with the scout. That would be great.

At this point I would also like to thank the developers very much for the big season 1 update.

  1. Completly agree. Had AI opponents and teammates lose their kings by randomly walking in the base or grouped with military units, attacking an enemy base. I think the AI doesn’t know what the king is and what to do with it. It seems to think its a regular military unit. It doesn’t have to be super smart with it, just garrisoning it in the town center would be enough.
    I understand that the AI is probably not the biggest focus, but if its does mistakes this stupid, its not fun for anyone.
    2+4+5+6: so making it a stronger hero unit? I don’t think it would be in the spirit of the mode. In AoE2, the king is fast, but very weak and has to be protected. Making it stronger with attack abilities would make it a very different game mode. Close to what WarCraft 3 uses its heros for (expect leveling up, but I think that would be possible in the mod tools). An interesting idea, but I think that should be a separate game mode altoghether, next to royal rumble as a sucessor to the classic regicide.
  2. That would add additional wining conditions. Regicide with wonders and sacred sites? Seems a bit much. Focusing on and only in sniping kings is enough in my opinion.

I think point 2 can be integrated well in the Royal Rumble Mod, because in AOE2 the king is also faster and in the current mod it is really very slow.

Yes, the 3 point with the victory conditions I think is rather a less important point in the list.

To point 4: I think the king should have a weapon, but is not battle decisive. This would, as you write, probably fit more to a hero mod. I imagine a king with a weapon who is similar strong as the king in the Stronghold game.

Yes, points 5 and 6 would probably fit better in a hero mod. Hopefully there will be such a mod one day :slight_smile:

Point 7 I think is important for the Royal Rumble Mod and a possible future Hero Mod.

I have not been on here recently, but I have been playing the royal rumble mod recently as well. I think that some of the points made are quite crucial.

Firstly, the AI is too easy and lax when it comes to protecting their king. Honestly, I would just have them garrison their king inside their main TC or something and have their difficulty be the same as in the landmark victory with multiple attacks, really making you defend your own king.

Having the king be faster would be a good change as well because you could then make sure that the king could escape.

Also, just my own opinion, but making a model for an actual King and an alt for a Queen would be alot more recognizable and memorable. Would make it easier to have them stand out so that you know where they King/Queen is instead of having them look similar to the Man at Arms.

Just my 2 cents, but im enjoying this game mode coupled with the more wood on trees tuning pack :smiley: