Improving the new german cards

  • The “Scharnhorst Reform” card is a cool idea and the unit itself seems good enough, but i think the card should either include the veteran upgrade for the new unit or be accessible in age 2, to lower the opportunity cost. If you play germany and reach the 3rd age you can immediately build veteran-skirmishers, but if you want to use the cheap alternative, you have to send a card and pay 400 res for the veteran Landwehr.

  • The “Circle Army” card seems generally too weak. Your alternatives to this card are 8 skirms+3 uhlans or 9 uhlans, this card does not stand a chance against these cards. It needs to send more units. One could increase the amount of units a little and remove the food cost or increase the unit numbers a lot and also raise the food cost.

Whats your opinion on the matter, fellow players ?


agree. if i remeber correctly scharnhorst reforms also doesnt send ulans with it :confused: (i hope its just an oversight, since it applies to most new cards). I’d prefer to keep it age III and upgrade the unit to veteran or maybe it could research counter infantryrifeling (idk if it would be op or smth)

btw do u guys think landswehrs should be affected by ‘Infantry breastplate’?

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I love the Landwehr in appearance and function, I think it’s a useless unit compared to their Needle Gunner. They should have just replaced the Needle Gunner with the Landwehr. Or have given the Germans historically accurate musketeers.

Did you guys try out the Prinz Chevau-leger cavalry? They’re way better than having War Wagons except you do not get access to that tech that gives them lances. If they had that, they’d be better than Uhlans and there’d be no reason to ever field a Uhlan. I think the devs noticed that lol.

The German royal families thing also isn’t great, you’re subject unit limits, and they add to your population, AND you do not get any of the upgrades. I tried it with the House of Hanover, hoping I could just trained 50 of those ####### #### hussar units, and nope, they have a limit.


Hardly it’s much more cost effective than skirmishers after counter-infantry rifling even more so if you count advanced arsenal

They Veteran Landwehrs will do roughly the exact damage to HI as Veteran skirmishers.

Needle gunners will still have their place but landwehrs will be almost skirmishers and almost musketeers at the same time, pretty general purpose.

You need coin for mercenaries Dops and uhlans and other powerful german units, so you can save serious coin.

The landwehr isn’t bad to mix in a skirm mass and helps take out cavalry for example due to high base damage, can also get all the arsenal techs unlike xbow. The thing is whether it’s worth sending an age 3 card just to train them or just send the standard FF shipments and win easier.

I could see the other unit that replaces war wagons being quite useful especially vs civs with cheap low hp units where the war wagon overkills a lot.

The german natives are cool, the black brunswicker musk is like an ashigaru on ######### The card that recycles different native units is bad though, really low value IIRC and no uhlans.

I repeat what I said in another post.

Elector princes (II) go to age I. (now doesn’t send +2 uhlans).

They occupy an indispensable gap in age II.

Should have synergy with the native treaties card?

Circular Army (III) Infinite. Cost 100 food.

5 Black Brunswickers → 4 Mounted Infantry → 2 Saxon Cuirassiers.


7 Black Brunswickers → 5 Mounted Infantry → 3 Saxon Cuirassiers

And add +2 uhlans or more units/cost.

Now is bad and expensive.

9 Habsburg Allies (III, Mounted Infantry) and 8 Wettin Allies (II, Trabant)


11 Habsburg Allies (III, Mounted Infantry) and 10 Wettin Allies (II, Trabant).

They don’t send + 2/3 uhlans. They should have additional units.

Agree too with u ideas for Scharnhorst Reform.

Prinz Chevau-legers are good, and the card send 2 in exchangue for uhlans, could be increased to 3/4.

I love the new German cards but I think that between the bugs that the uhlans or additional units don’t send, and the low power or viability in a 1vs1, it’s difficult to make room for them in the deck. In the competition are some very solid military shipments.

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13 Pandours should cost 1k gold?