Improving the viability of Indian wonders for treaty mode or extended play

Also! lets assume that consulates original purpose is for eco and techs,

Then with that too,

Japanese Consulates is easily the best, giving them arsenal , church bank , livestock pen, and 1000 export and hoto + 7% boost .

Chinese Cnsulates also provides decent tickles and a freaking factory! and cost reduction, villager build faster.

Meanwhile the Indian consulate is like worst of all. even the Unique ally provides 4 villagers for which you have to call a card for cost reduction (and that card itself sends +1 Villager)

Indian consulate is the most useless of all 3.


Do u really use that card for one shipment from the consulate?? I just wait to get 500 export. In a treaty its not that important send them asap. U will get them anyways. I prefer to use that slot for other card.

haha Nope, was just talking about non-treaty games and feasibility of export.

That even if someone wants to use consulate frequently, they need a card to make it more convenient using Good Faith Agreements.

As for treaty I prefer the sacrifice of rum distillery card for Land reforms.

A rework to this card significantly improves wood input:

Look at this analysis and explanation about the card of herding of the Indians. The man scoffs at this card as he explains:

Is the Grazing Card worth it in AOE 3? In-depth Analysis!

My proposal to improve it is:

Move it to age 4 and expand its effects accordingly.
Only generate wood and no longer generate food.
Also affect the sacred cows.

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Maybe 0,4 coin per cow tasked on sacred fields?? Its the worse gathering resource for Indians.
Other option could be change the trickles to greater ones of exportation. This way they would can train canons from consulate easier

But the demand for wood is higher than for coins (I suppose). It could also be against the sense of the card, even though I don’t know.

The point is to make it more useful in any case, but without breaking the balance.

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Yeah, I know it but some people would be desagree cause the infinite wood crates that become India a wood-producing monster. I would be fine with cows giving wood but I think that Indians struggle more with coins, they have only 2 cards for paddies while fur trade coins is not infinite.

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Yea the Indian coin production is slow, but the consumption of coin is feasible for India IMO.
India produces coin slower but uses them even slower. But a a little coin buff with the Sacred cows wont hurt the balance.

And also that will nullify the cattle build limit restrictions, caused by the African cattle update.

I think 0.4 x 20 =8 coin/s is maybe a lil much.

Usually a europeon faction have ~1.5 coin trickle available. And the factory is about ~5-7 coin/second.
So IMO, 20 tasked cows should produce around 2-5 coin/s.

And as for the cases, when the gold from the fur trade is not enough, the match is usually already lost.
Or if you want to recover, you can keep all fields on coin for some time, then decrease the coin field number slowly, to 2-3 coin fields. (Off course it all depends on what you make.)

My personal opinion for grazing card would be to :

  • Tasked cows get trickle. that can be switched between coin/export/XP through each sacred fields seprately.
  • Elephant and camel both generate wood.

Although, these changes can be split with the Goraksha card.
OR with another very useless card: The Mystical Syllable

Europeans get 2 factories(14,30), also inca get kanchas (12f/s)and estates(8). Also India just gets rum destillery and royal mint. My change is thought for both, treaty and lategame sup. We have to remember that India pay food for that cows too.

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Cant say much about Inca. But Europeon consume more gold too, generally.

The coin trickle doesn’t need to compete or out match the factory production rate of 7x2=14 res/sec.
It just need to provide a little support to gold eco, a lil bit.

Though, I would prefer an export/wood trickle over any other.

Indians could also have these benefits in case they never have an arsenal:

And another possible improvement for the letter ‘grazing’:

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Awesome ideas… in DE I feel that India needs to get some buffing or they have no chance against new civs specially infront of Sweden, Maxico who has mighty muskit units…


Its ridicoulous that Mexico gets a better bonus from the flag that can be replaced

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They could have a card that gives 2 infinite mango trees with a maximum build limit of 2, and the 1300 wooden card turns into 1000.

The grazing card takes any of the proposed benefits and the thirst for wood would be lost.

I think that crates are better. They gather them at 8.80 if next to Karni Mata. They spend a lot, but crates are enough in most cases cause you arent going to train a lot of mahouts. If they fix them…

You could give mangos with Victory Tower age up if you want to use them more. Also they should give them back the bonus on mango’s yield as on legacy now that other civs can get one in punjab.
The indian deck is very limited right now, they have to do fixes without using HC cards.

an option could be give them a mosque wagon by otto consulate or enable its techs on charmine gate (that is a mosque) as golden pavillion has.

About economy maybe the fix on Karni Mata would solve it. Someone has made the maths with each resource??

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Now that they have begun to address the problems of Asian civilizations, and have started with China, I wonder what improvements India could receive.

It is generally said that the biggest problems that India has are for the treaty, but do you think that there are advantages of India in supremacy or are they fine as it is…?

The grazing card should be an end game card with an even bigger impact on the economy and I think it would help quench the thirst for wood.

Zamburaks with a range of 14 potentially and a base range of 12, and Howdah with a base range of 16 and 18 potentially. (If necessary, reduce his rate of fire or his firepower, but I think the range is necessary for the late games).

The ’ Royal Green Jackets’ card should affect all rifle infantry and not just Gurkha. (mersenaries, natives, etc).

In case Indians can’t have cannons, Mahout Lancers could have damage against general infantry in the late game and not just ‘non-heavy infantry’. (like the Spanish lancer). I don’t know if it would be too strong, I listen to opinions.

Agra fort is the most useless wonder in the long run and that’s why I think its impact should be higher, that’s why I’ve proposed that it should improve defenses in general.

Another way in which the Indians could get more wood indirectly, is to increase the limit of sacred fields by +1, and cows by +5-10, since they will be able to send more wood from the metropolis by getting faster shipments. Maybe some card could increase this limit, or simply increase this limit once it reaches imperial.

I don’t know if it would be unbalanced, but maybe it’s part of the solution.

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I think India could benefit from:

Combining the infantry and cavalry train time cards being combined into one (like liberation march for Spain and Mexico).

Deliver Mansabdar units at the military shipment point, or allow to convert a military unit to its mansabdar version by paying resources and a small wait time. Maybe remove the connection of charminar gate to mansabdars (its not historically very accurate I think) and instead make the ability of the Charminar Gate " Enhances the aura of your Mansabdar units by additional 5%)". Subject to balance.

Allow Karni Mata to give a trickle of wood when you garrison sacred cows to it (max 10, each cow trickles 0.5 wood/s when garrisoned at Karni Mata). Subject to balance. I don’t know but I think the absence of any factory type building really hurts India in treaty (given such expensive units that cost high pop). Optionally, Age IV Card to change Mahout wood cost to coin and reduce Mahout pop by 1. So after professional handlers Mahout pop is 5, like other elephants.

Not needed of removing that, indians can get mansabdars from HC already. If they can get them without wonder it would be a weaker wonder that its now. It could be like the shogunate that has both functions.

Thats true but they get tons of wood, the actual issue of them is the gold, not the wood, so turning mahouts is a bad idea

Yeah the charminar gate has historically got nothing to do with the mansabdari system, so I suggested that change. Actually since it was built as a gateway to a trade route, maybe it can serve as a building that trickles coin and acts as a market that converts deposited wood or food to coin (like a lombard, since we now have the mechanic).

The Agra fort should be training mansabdars, historically speaking. Maybe allow the Agra Fort to train Mansabdars once the Delhi gate upgrade is researched.

I understand that this is a drastic departure from the India we know. But no harm making suggestions right?

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