In 2023 we dont want AI cheat/handicapp

At the age of AI advancement, its silly to see devs going oh well… u want good ai here u go. x2 gather rate…
they said during promotion at one point that the AI will have a learn curve from watching matches over time. such a shame lie… revert the cheating change for the AI before the release of the new patch. and work on better AI. maybe hire some AI community devs like AOE 2 DE did with their AI.


if they add a cheating ai option im fine with it


Agree. Just work on the Hardest AI to be as smart as it can. Maybe add difficulty, as beastyqt said, named “Cheat AI” and that is fine, but normal AI should just be with every level more clever and fast.


yeah if they do that as extra option then its ok. but we need good AI.


Seems like a bandaid fix for now.

Everyone has been constantly asking for better AI (myself included). They have been making small improvements to the AI in almost every patch, but it was still such a long way away from being difficult. This at least maybe gets it there without us having to wait forever.

However, I do think that they should have made the cheating AI just a different difficulty level above hardest or better yet they should just introduce a handicap system similiar to what AoE2 added recently so that you can set it manually.


I suggest they add another difficulty where they want the AI to cheat


How about drop down to Hard Difficulty which also includes latest optimisations as a short term solution while this mess gets sorted out ?

Does anyone have a slight clue that if they take the cheating out,Hard and Hardest difficulty will exactly be the same ?

Instead of whining about cheating how about creating a topic solely dedicated to AI and ask mods to pin it so as community we can give steady flow of feedback ?

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This. Promi and TheMax did wonders with their AIs in AoE 2. I’m sure in the 1+ year since AoE 4 is out a certain meta has evolved so you can code BOs and Strats into the AI without the need to have a cheating one.


As a modder and programmer cheating AI is the best thing it could happen to this game , aoe2 AI cheats as well btw…


not any more, u have no clue how good the AI in AOE 2 DE since they hired community members to fix it.

Didnt they say the AI will have neural network that will self learn after the release. so this is what we end up with…after a year.


The only way the AI cheats in AoE2 is that it knows the player’s military population. It does not know which units the player has, just how many.

That’s actually less than the SC2 AI cheats.

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It is definitely better than the AoE4 AI. Still not really a challenge for good players though.

It has been programmed to perform several different opening build orders. It also seems to prioritize a bit better than the AoE4 AI and take better engagements. A few changes like this could greatly improve the AoE4 AI.

However it is still pretty stupid and you can easily idle its entire economy indefinitely with just a few units in the early game much like the AoE4 AI. Late game you can force it to send hundreds of units into a choke point to die.

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For the past year I’ve been thinking “just make it good, how hard can it be” which, I still think it could be better than this. But as I get better at the game and play against other players… I’ve realized just how much knowledge and tactics it takes to beat a smart player. It would no doubt take years to program all of the knowledge into AI’s decision making and take a ton of human resources to create, then a ton of computing power to operate. It was a lie but unrealistic to believe that they will ever create an impossible AI.

But I despise cheating AI’s. I’d rather play against real people for difficulty instead of a faked challenge. Playing against a 2x AI is just as sad as playing against an AI with player cheats enabled. You’re not playing the same game at that point so any accomplishments are private and ungratifying. They have custom mods for that. It doesn’t belong in the main menu but it won’t bother me if others enjoy it.

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Aoe2 has 21 years friendly reminder.
Aoe2 is set on a 2D environment (easier to develop AI)

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2d vs 3d doesn’t really makes a difference in this case.


It does , programming path finding and more other technical stuff is easier in 2D

You must not like the harder AIs in pretty much any RTS then.

Not really, no. There is not a 3rd dimension being used for pathfinding in this case.

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2d 3d arguement has no ground here, because you’re only pathing in x and z, not y, regardless of 2d or 3d


What i reading here… , Cheat ai? Lol thats awkward

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