January PUP Feedback 2023

the long cool down seems a joke. ‘Artillery shot’ itself isn’t terribly powerful (less powerful than Ottoman Great Bombard shot), and at this cool-down time you probably can only use it once for each cannon in game while the Ottoman can use much more powerful shots every ~7 seconds. Totally ridiculous.
Cool down should be something like 1 minute or less.

are you joking with us?

everybody hates the new ai and you patch it in the game, still while the pup is running?!

role back this patch - this ai isnt fun, its annoying and now there is no challange anymore in the game.

how shall i play right now? against a cheating ai?! yeah i could also saw of my own foot, its the same fun.

its a damn punch in the face of the fanbase. and i really loved this game and you killed it. with senseless stupid ideas.

just role back this patch and add an ai playing good, not cheating!


Why are some of you so dramatic?

I agree they should not implement this the way they have, but you are sounding crazy.

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because i would like to enjoy a game after work. just relax and play.
i deleted the pup - thought i have some time with the old ai and there it was. the new patch.

yes i am dramatic, but it really killed the fun and its a huge problem. because now the game havent any playable ai anymore for me. its senseless at this point

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a better solution would be to make handicap a lobby feature, so you can choose if you want to give ai, or yourself, a gather rate boost
there’s a reason handicap is a dedicated setting in other games



I’m really thankfull for your constant work on the game!
Since the begginig I’m a Mongol fan (I play almost always without tower rushing). However tbh Mongols are worse and worse, I was high competitive withou tower rushing in past in my league, now I feel like they are the worst one. (Generaly do not even understand last pasture nerf.) Anyway new landmark rework looks amazing. Yet it’s not enough. Why Khaganate Palace could not have standard units production with new HuiHui Pao and/or (or without) other dominion units. It could be amazing Imperial buff! I would even add to NOT BE PACKABBLE + Mongols could have Palisade walls (understand not many will agree with me, just my opinio, Rus got also stone walls and nobody got so mad of it… Think about it too, please! It’s “just” imperial…)

Last think, but maybe MOST important is tower or generaly defensive structure “regulations”. Mongols should have definitivelly have cheaper towers/outposts (they can not fortife etc.). For what: To boost their vision (when they can not be walled) + Yam! You can finally dealed with over use (bombard) tower uprades with other “restrictions”, e. g. amount of enplacement for age and/or placing in radius of home TC (could be also depended on ages), for the crazy late game you could restrict total amount of towers per map size etc. same could be for keep. I know it could be complicated to explain and implement, but I belive in you! You can do it! :slight_smile: (Than even White Stupa could produce e. g. double amount of stone than now to boost NOT OUTPOSTS, but the unit production. That’s what Mongols need for imp. too! We could use effectively Monastic shrines too…)

Thx for reading

It’s the way a lot of people play exclusively, essentially removing many peoples reason to play. Hardest AI was starting to get a little to easy for me, but it was nothing adding more AI opponents couldn’t fix.

The difficulty jump is simply much too large now.

The larger minimap is great, but I had to revert to the stable build to enjoy the game - now I have not played it for the past few days simply due to the AI being near impossible, at least for me.

Many are left unable to play a game they purchased, this is why it is a huge mistake and why people are upset.


its unenjoyable. it’s not fun to play with

and that’s why I uninstalled it. The game just cater too much to competitive gameplay, so they just wouldn’t bother creating complex AI for non competitive players like me that wants to challenge the AI. It’s just a shame, I try to like the game but I can’t.


I agree. Myself and many others are giving that very feedback.

But it’s not a “punch in the face”, equivalent to “sawing off one’s own foot”, “false advertisement and the government should intervene”, etc…


Game has crashed during all four ranked games I’ve played since update, plz fix :frowning:

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having this exact issue - would pop up any time I’d try and queue for quick match last night when grouped up (this was 3v3 - if I went solo it was fine).

making a game worth with bad ideas is always a punch in the face. why dont test the ai - get the feedback and release a good one.

they just shooting the ai into the game and now we all beta testers again. this game is amazing, i love it and yes my heart bleeds for what they did. and this makes me so sad.

No I agree, taken literally such phrases are quite overdramatic. Theatrics, but representative of a poor change. Its one way to express dissatisfaction, though probably not the best.

Regardless I am happy to see the point being brought up by more people. Hopefully they make the changes.


You people are so unreasonable…

"Have a product that is ready for consumer use and enjoyment "


“I want my product to have my likes and desires in considerations.”


" i do not want to trial the product while dev attempt to figure out just how i want this product to be."

Only other words i have for you ppl are the ones that gets you suspended or banned.

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PUP Feedback

Please keep a 30% trade bonus for French land and water trading. Free land traders aren’t a good trade-off for losing the 30% bonus to overall trade (especially for water trading since free ships aren’t produced per economic upgrade, only land traders). Free land traders can provide an econ boom early in the game, however, the long-term ROI on traders just isn’t as good (I’d rather have a longer-term 30% bonus on all trading, than just one-time free land traders).

Continental: Make continental like AOE2 where several randomly shaped continents are formed with inland rivers/waterways connecting to the outer sea. Add more varied mountain ranges. The current version of continental is just one large island with 4 tiny islands in the corners. It shouldn’t be called continental and just called the large island or something, until a true continental map is added.

Tribute - add tech upgrades at markets to reduce tribute tax to 0% like AOE2

AI - I agree with many others to add a higher difficulty like an extreme setting rather than replace the hardest. Create lobby setting Economy 100% to 300% to AI. (for a greater challenge, see the advanced games setting mod as it also offers a 100% to 300% military strength bonus, which I believe increases hitpoint an enemy has).

Wishlist for this and future PUPs/updates:

Please note, most of these would be Lobby Settings Only, so players can choose not to use them for ranked matches. I will refer back to this sentence if I get reply bombed, with others saying that the below recommendations will change the meta. They will just add more interesting gameplay options, especially in private custom matches:

Lobby setting - pop cap increase up to 500

Lobby setting - starting villager amount (can add more than 3)

Lobby setting - start with an empowered king (see advanced game settings)

Lobby setting - starting castle

Lobby setting - add an auto scout button for scouts (like AOE2). I recommend this being a lobby setting as some players might not prefer this option in ranked

Add a guard button for units - this will allow units guard traders and caravans

Add an additional Slow Patrol button for infantry, archers, and cavalry. This will make the units ‘walk’ on patrol rather than run. I’ve thought many times this would not only look better for patrols on walls and through cities, but slower archer patrols on walls would be useful gameplay-wise. The walk patrol could be seen in the first trailer for AOE4 with calvary slowly riding outside the walls. Of course, keep the normal ‘run’ patrol option too.

For formations, when villagers are in formations, make sure they stay behind the formation so they do not run out ahead.

Create lobby setting for seige on walls (mainly gunpowder units that cannot shoot over walls).

Create lobby setting to add new larger round wall section called Bastions to add to walls so more seige/ranged units can mount on top. These could be far more expensive and have higher hitpoints than normal wall sections.

Allow Allie’s walls to connect. This can be done in AOE 2 and is a huge benefit for team games.

Allow walls to connect to Castles.

Add lobby setting for random guarded treasures to generate throughout the map (like AOE3).

Add lobby setting for ceasefire 5 to 60 mins

Add lobby-setting diplomacy. Expand diplomacy to allow switching between ally, neutral, and enemy. Make AI set terms that you have to pay them x resource before they will ally with you. Expand diplomacy later to include auto tribute (give selected allies an ongoing percentage of gold, stone, food, or wood). Auto-tribute could help support allies who are on the front line while reducing the micro-management of tributes.

Add lobby setting to increase resource values of gold, stone, food, and wood for longer matches.

Fix rivers so that they don’t just go from one off-map point to another off-map point. I understand they are created with splines, but this design is very limiting for map making and future official maps. make it so they naturally connect to larger bodies of water like lakes and oceans. If you are going to add future DLC civs like Norse, Italians, Spanish, and Portuguese, it seems like adding more inland waterways to new maps could create more interesting gameplay and offer more options for potential water-based civ bonuses.

Add lobby setting - Allow allies villagers to build ally structures

Other Future Recommendations:

Capture the King game mode - Each player has a king that is stationary in a special keep. Once another player destroys the special keep, they capture the king and have to take them back to their special keep as a prisoner. once the king reaches their keep, a countdown timer begins. Obviously, this would be for longer custom matches. Add a subsetting to this which allows you to hold the king for ransom or kill the captured king whenever you choose, so as to subjugate another player for economic advantage (this is where auto- tribute comes in handy, as you could set the terms of what ongoing resource percentage the other other players has to pay you).

Lobby setting Weapons Dealer - add an option to convert your units to another player. this would allow you to supply an ally with military on the front line, while not having to worry about micro. also, you could sell special units to other players for resources, which would make diplomacy more interesting. Perhaps at the market, there is a black market/weapons dealer option, that allows you to sell tech or convert units to another player. This would be for longer custom games where there are changing alliances and proxy wars.

Please look closely at the advanced game settings mod. There are so many settings in this mod that can be added to the official game.


you dont understand the point.

i bought a working product, than it was changed so its broken now. i only want my working product back.

and its ok to test and try things. like in beta-tests, public previews.

changes should be made carefully.

and this isn´t done here.

and its not much aksed to roll the patch back. thats no highcomplexrocketscience.

I’ve been following you for a while and the more messages i read from you ,the more it helps me to reach a conclusion which is either you’re a hidden Relic dev(unlikely but possible) or an outsourced PR guy.

Apart from your textbook PR tricks,gaslighting is a new low for you.You may know a bit about business 101 and consumer protection laws which would be surprising.

Customers always have the right to call their respective governments to investigate(not intervene OMG!) for false advertising.

If seller promotes a feature that is either gonna be added or removed from a product,seller must provide a specific timeframe to it’s customers when it’s going to happen or they’ll be open to investigation for false advertising and the inevitable faulty product allegations.These laws apply worldwide but way much stronger in EU states etc.

Someone who gaslights customers and dissuade them from using their rights and calls them as being overly dramatic and thetrical when they were clearly deceived which is supported by empirical evidence just can only be on the supply side.

The sad thing is low has not a bottom… Sigh.