In game Chat is too quiet

I have noticed that the notifier for the in game chat is too quiet. Whole conversations can go by without me realizing the team has said anything. I have looked through the settings and found no way to increase the sound or change it to another sound that would garner my attention. The noises of the game are loud so why is this one so quiet? Do the developers not want you use it? Are they trying to force you to use discord? Increase volume would be great.


the ping noise is verry loud tho, it can be used in case of emergency if their’s no reaction in chat

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Afaik this has to be done with a mod but you can do it, I’m not sure how to make a sound mod that doesn’t turn out as a data mod but it is possible to do, there are a few in the mod list, might make a request in the mod section and see if someone can create one, game uses .wav sound files for everything so if you find one you think is loud enough you could add a link to it for someone to use to replace the default sound file for the alert


It would usefull to have an optional always visible window with last 5 chats only?
In some cases i miss some allies chat becouse of being focus in my game and open the chat window is a worse option

Chat of players and the ingame text messages seem to share the same chat. It might be a good idea to split both, where chat of users will stay a bit longer visible. I dont really think we need to always see the last 5 chats. For example: At that start everyone (if you are lucky) says ‘gl hf’ or something like that. I dont really need to see such message still at the 30 minute mark.

My experience with team games is that users tend to not communicate at all. So that is also some issue in the communication. Maybe some players dont really know how to post text messages at all…


Some of them may not speak English and assume you do not speak their language, I think most know how to use basic team chat and do not use it for other reasons(distracting when doing something else, definitely bad at start of game hard to keep apm and type), it is pretty simple and common in most games to use enter key, for all chat in team games some people may not know how to do that - I know how to do it and sometimes forget to if typing gg etc.

Recently i hardly see any ‘glhf’ or ‘gg’ recently. Even those statements seem to have died in the past. Also the basic about communicating your strategy is something what is pretty rare in TGs as well.

Recently i hardly see any ‘glhf’ or ‘gg’ recently. Even those statements seem to have died in the past.

Well, I do my part by saying them on every match haha But “gl hf” is yes really unused, but gg and ggwp are pretty common in my matches.

Also the basic about communicating your strategy is something what is pretty rare in TGs as well.

Yes, even tho this is something I see most commonly on newbie matches, it is very frustrating when:

  1. There is no communication coming from your teammate, so you don’t realize one side is losing until suddenly he/she resigns, which makes me wanna report my teammate by dunno maybe “keep selecting multiplayer to play singleplayer”.
  2. You ping, ask in chat, warn, etc., and get literally 0 response from your teammates (which generally ends with they doing stupid decisions by ignoring what you said, losing battles and resigning).
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I kind of understand point 1 in a newbie match, they probably have no/very little idea what they’re doing or that they should ask for help - if they’ve been playing for a while that is just lame and essentially outright throwing the match, they should at least ping

2 is a little harder to understand why people do that, even if they have no idea what they are doing they should still be able to respond to basic information (assuming they speak the same language as you)

Idk I prefer diplomacy if playing teams, I can just kill my teammates and join the enemy if they become a liability and almost everyone talks in those games, ranked team games do seem to have a communication problem of some kind but I’m not sure if it’s something that can be fixed with a chat system change or if it’s just the players, current chat system doesn’t seem broken or super hard to use to me, at least not any worse than the chat system in most games, built in voice chat might make it a little better but I wouldn’t use that anyway & not sure how many people that play this would or if it would make any difference in useful communication than what is there already

For me there are 2 big reasons why i stopped play team games:

  1. The TG ladder is a mess. Elo doesnt seem to mean anything meaningfull. (Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues)
  2. This lag of communication.

TGs are just decided by who has the best player and there isnt any team strategy involved. It is just 4 individuals vs 4 other individuals that on paper form a team. That is what i feel by playing most team games.

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Dear devs, please no! I hate the prolonged doorbell sound of chats, and want it quieter, if anything, haha. It really annoys me, and I wish they would just use the old AoE2:HD chat sound.

If they can add old AoE2:HD chat sound as an option, and also add a volume slider to the chat notifications, then cool, we’re both happy.

But simply raising the volume of the existing chat sound? No thsnk you. While they’re at it, if they could also add volume/frequency of occurrence sliders exclusively for the battle bell/horn sound, that’d be wonderful

Chat messages from players should be displayed in a unique color and emit a unique sound, like in every other online game. I don’t know what’s so hard about changing the color of a chat message or adding a sound. This problem persists since release and not much has changed since then.