In the 4v4 Unranked game, my villagers were gone to the wall and surrounded my nearest teammate TC

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  • **GAME BUILD ** age-of-empires-ii : 101.102.1156.0 (#66692) 9368025
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I really fucking scared. Sorry but two times it happened. My nickname is Cartel.
We were playing a 4v4 Amazon Tunnel Unranked match. At 00:01:35 of the game, My vil (blue) had gone to my neighbor and surrounded his TC automatically. I didn’t see even his TC. It is impossible, palasides were being placed impeccably. You can check on the saved game file. After red messaged me I noticed and remove them suddenly. I m shocked. It was something like someone controlling my vils. I m tried to explain that I didn’t do that but no one believed me I think. After 3-4 min later it happened again. I don’t believe that what the fucking has happened there. I m still shaking. Please check the saved game file and If it is possible, check my mouse positions records or screen positions records, or key pressed. It may be cyber vulnerability.

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2 times in one match.

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  1. I actually did nothing, it is happening itself. While I didn’t red’s TC, palasides with my color are surrounding red TC. and my vils went this side itself.

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:slight_smile: going on playing

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No sure how you managed to evade the chat censor everyone else has to deal with @DodoNotDoDo. But it sounds like you’ve been a victim of hacking.

Actually chat censor is working sometimes in my games, I thought that it is a lobby setting but when you said this now, I really suspect hack. However, who does believe such a thing? Even I couldn’t too.

Hi @UnraveledJewel6

Thank you for the report, I talked with my team about this.