Inca likes an aggressive civ and Sweden likes an defensive civ


  • Age up with 2 warhuts and put front base;
  • Chimu runner won’t get snare and they just raid your vils and went away, I need to build walls to defend.
  • Chasqui can receive shipment after age 3 and just train several around your base and send army card to destroy your base, I need to build walls to defend. If Inca reaches age 4 they can just send infinity 11 huaracas at back your base and even walls can’t defend if you failed to catch their chasqui.


  • Age 2 with 2 LC with wall and carolean is the strongest defense in age2.
  • They build the torps everywhere and have good sight for defense.

Noted: I am mostly playing team game.

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It is true with the Incas. Their early defense is so good, that they love to play against aggressive players, in 1v1.
Because Chimus cannot get snared, the counter-attack is always brutal and extremely effective.

Against Incas, you really do not want to cheese them, or commit to a Rush you cannot win.
They do not get crippled, they just get angry!
Literally like Killer Bees.

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What I am facing Inca in team game, if my teammates are not good at rush and let Inca fast industry, they will just send infinity huaracas around your base to kill your base, or they are hard to counter if their teammate has good anti-cav. That’s why I said huaracas are just over abus.

Another way is if one guy of my team doesn’t wall, the chimu runner can happy raid and leave.

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Chimus are easy to kill, so it is not hard to wall off and then steamroll Incas. They have no Artillery, and Falconets brutalize all Inca units, even Chimus and Hurracas.

I play 1v1 more than Team Games, but what I can tell you is that you cannot easily Rush Incas, because they are great at defending, have a boatload of unit shipments in Age 2, and can counter attack brutally because of Chimus.

Killing the Chimus is not hard, if you have units in your Town. Stopping them from wiping off your Economy when your units are not there, is impossible.

That’s what I said in topic, I need to build wall when facing Inca but not Sweden.
LIke Inca is aggressive and Sweden is defensive.

I am not meaning there is no method to defend chimus but I need to take some defense.

I don’t know you have fixed several teammate to play team game with you or not. You can try when Inca reaches age 4 with chasqui sending huaracas everywhere or with anti cav protected, that is insane.
I also tried to use falcs to counter huaracas and that is not effective they can just use separate formation and reduce the damage.

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That is the best way to describe how it feels playing against inca, I love it. Hahaha
Its even more true when they have their stronghold as sieging it is pretty much like poking a beehive with a stick.

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