Inca Monumental Architecture Card vs Germany TEAM House of Hohenzollern

TEAM House of Hohenzollern : Age 1 card, Town Centers + 30%, TC Damage +30%

Monumental Architecture: Age 3 card, All buildings +30%, TC damage + 35%

How is it fair that this is required to be an Age 3 card now? Because a few ‘pros’ complained about it because they hate the Inca civ? What about the other 19,997 players? I don’t think this card is very useful since the whole point in sending such a card is to be able to REACH age 3. It should be moved back to age2, or nerfed so that it can be in age 2 (if it must be in fact nerfed at all). Colonial Militia allows 50% TC damage AND ability to call a bunch of uber militia men. That seems like a far superior card, and its available where it needs to be, in age 1, especially considering the abundance of ‘botto attacks’ nowdays.

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I think part of the reason was the inca age2 is already stacked deckwise
its also every building. so that kancha WH wall is that much harder to rip down. then add in some inca forts…

Remember, this isnt just a TC card. making it both better or worse depending. age1 or 3 would probably be the only space inca could slot it in and its way to good for age1 so age3 it stays. unless they redesign it imho


wait, people actually use the house of Hohenzollern?

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I barely see any non-noobs using the German TC combat card. Germany has to pay a premium for their shipments, so sending unnecessary age 1 cards kinda sucks.


That is my point exactly. And monumental architecture, an age THREE card is WORSE than the Germany age 1 card that no one uses. Well its not worse, but being in age 3 makes it worse.

Yeah, they could nerf it to all buildings +15% and move it to age 1 or 2, or make it the same as House of Hohenzollern and put it in age I. Your TC will already be down or nearly down by the time Monumental Architecture comes in. Might as well send 2 TC wagons instead and have them pop out at a tambo. Or make it an age 1 card, +100% to TC attack damage and no hp bonus, the Mexico card Palace of Iturbide effectively doubles TC attack (because it gives it an aoe of 1), and it is an age 1 card. (By the way its great to use palace of iturbide -) SA revolt -) Colonial Militia instead of the 3 outpost card. )

Except Inca doesn’t pay a premium for their shipments, it helps their other buildings, and their fortresses are kinda insane so the extra HP is decent.


The value of that card is that it buffs your fortresses and the houses which are basically a fair share of your economy.
You surely shouldn’t prioritize sending it as soon as you reach age3. but it is not a bad 8th, 9th card.

Inca needs some kind of defensive age 1 or age 2 card, like most every other civ has. (Colonial Militia or its equivalent most/all other civs have except Malta or Hausa).