Inca player drops battleship in Fortress age?

This troll Inca player who spams buildings managed to drop a battleship on me in the third age, deleting my walls and securing the river easily. How is possible for an Inca player to have a battleship, let alone in Fortress? It says mercenary, but is there a mercenary battleship? I don’t see any cards or options for it.

I didn’t think to take a picture until after I resigned, but here is the ship…

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Also, why on this map does one side of river have 3 trade posts, and my side have just 1?

On European maps, allying with a royal house lets you build a Battleship just like how allying with natives in the Americas lets you build canoes.

There is also a Royal House with a tech for sending a Fort Wagon.


Even in age 3? That seems crazy. It should be Age 4 only.