Inca QoL Suggestions

I just played my first game as the Inca, and here are some things that immediately came to my mind. All of these should be relatively minor fixes, and would improve the faction’s gameplay experience a bit.

  1. Voiceline volume.

Either the Inca Warchief’s voicelines are too quiet, or all the rest of the units’ are too loud (you’d have to compare to a vanilla faction to see for sure). This is a bit off-putting in the early game.

I’m sure that this not the only case of bad volume mixing in the game (the infamous new lakota/ haudenosaunee voicelines come to mind), but reporting all such cases would require a separate forum topic.

  1. Missing sound effects.

First of all, something that I believe is shared among all the native civilizations - the villagers lack any sort of sound effect for throwing their spears at huntable animals. I actually consider this a major issue, as it makes herding hunts in the early game quite a bit harder (as it is not immediately apparent when the villager made their attack). I’m not sure whether there used to be a sound effect for this in the Warchiefs, but either way it should be added.

Secondly, the Priestesses’ conversion ability also seems to lack any sort of sound effect. For something this major, there REALLY should be one, to both give the player more precise feedback on its use, and alert the enemy that something’s wrong nearby.

  1. Find Chasqui hotkey.

Lastly, I don’t think there is a hotkey for “find Chasqui”, in the Find Units section, at least in the Legacy settings. With how important this unit is for the Inca, as well as how easy it is to lose track of them, such a hotkey is an absolute must imo.

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