Inca seems to be quite weak

There are several reasons why Inca is currently weak.

  • Inca doesn’t have real units to counter against artillery
  • Inca has the worst early game economy in this game, they basicly age up with 11 vills and it’s a pain for inca to have strong military strategies
  • Food delivering houses are 135wood now, but it slows the civ down even more.
  • Jungle bows are not that good in combat, lacking range and can’t compete effectively.

As sweden is currently looking to be too good, we can’t say the same for Inca balance and they are currently underperforming against other civs, It is kind of unfortunate for Inca to be weak since a lot of people will want to test them in competitive games and might feel disappointed. Current Inca civilization is just feeling a weaker version of aztecs, hopefully they will be made competitive.

What could be done?

  • This one is quite essential, Inca doesn’t have effective anti artillery troop, best option here would be to add INFINITE 10 arrow knights for 500coin in age III, this is the only way I can imagine Inca will stay in the competitive era.

  • Fixing age1 economy, there are two options for it. One is adding 3villager shipments for in age1 or Nerfing the inca house cost to 125 wood from 135 to make the civ a little bit faster.

  • Buffing Jungle bows range, adding more upgrades to the unit later on.

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I agree Inca is very weak atm. I have seen some players trying them, they can’t rush, they have bad early econ, they don’t have good units etc.

Not sure how to balance them, maybe +1 vil at start for their economy first?


I the suggestions I have posted above will taken into consideration, otherwise it will be disappointing that a new civ will be unpopular from the beginning, which is a bit disappointing for competitive era

-Warhut s units are really expensive
-Very hard to do a priestess boom with an age 2 card giving 2 priestess only


Do they make up for anything in treaty perhaps? They seem very weak in standard games.

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Currently it wouldn’t be wrong to say Inca is almost unplayable in treaty, a serious rework regarding balance is needed before the release, hopefully this will be taken into consideration.

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Are you Jui by the way?

I am the original owner of this name on ESO lol.
Jui is my Taiwan friend. He is a damn lazy guy that he didn’t register for an insider and didn’t play any DE games yet :roll_eyes:

inca is not weak. i am good at it, but huaracas are weak.

no necroing threads.

obviously balance changed after 2 and a half years of patches.