Inca Team bonus idea

Farms built 100% faster and +45 food when built on elevation change. Gives them the old Chinese bonus but only occasionally when they are on hills. Incas are known for how they had agriculture on mountainous terrain.

That’s even more situational. Many maps don’t even have elevation changes


The idea is decent, but needs more consistency rather than relying on hills.

I’d rather -

Team Bonus: farms and mill upgrades built and researched 100% faster. Farms gain +45 food, and increased to +200 food when built on two different elevations.

chinese team bonus was so strong it got nerfed and you want to make something even stronger then that by many factors?
you could get away with +45 food just based on chinese being stronger then Incas, but adding in all the rest? way to much.


Fair enough, how about this;

Team Bonus: farms and mill upgrades built and researched 100% faster. Farms gain +45 food, and farmers gather 10% faster when built on two different elevations or on an incline.

you’d be enough at farms build faster, research farm tech faster, and have extra food. even that might be too strong.


I like the idea personally of giving Farms a Hussite Wagon style shield effect. I also think other good ideas could be to let farmers drop off food at defensive buildings, in addition to either the effect listed before, or having units standing on farms count as +1 elevation.

Eh it wouldnt be too strong since your team will have to deal with having Incas in their team. Incas are kind of a bottom team game civ.

But tbh I would like if Incas got the old Chinese TB and Chinese either have the extra LoS in Town centers or the faster built farms as their TB

I think the best idea was: Mills,mining camps,lumber camps and farms build %200 (number can change) faster.

As long as mill upgrades are researched at that same higher % speed.

just give them the old chinese team bonus. Farms have +45 food.
It’s not used by any civ now.

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Add in “Farm upgrades apply to all farms immediately”, and that could be a start.


Tc’s get +10 vs trebs

Original effect of Boiling Oil. Not bad, although I think it fits Greek Fire or Heated Shot more.
Why not benefit all the buildings that can shoot arrows if we make it team bonus? It was already regarded too weak to be a tech.

Why not as long as it is useless I don’t care who knows maybe we will see Sicilians castle drop trebs

Which makes it not as strong as the Chinese bonus. Also tatars have the same situation with no elevation maps.

Even more useless lol

Only use realistic use is that Lithuanians can maybe surprise trebs with hill forts

Malian Tigui town center drop

I want this one.

I prefer TC +5 pop space one and add dock too.