Inca Tips

I’m pretty serviceable with all civs beside Inca where I don’t feel as comfortable with them as I like. I play against the AI on hard.

I struggle with army composition and maybe for that reason it seems weak. To me they lack a all around unit like a musketeer, tomahawk. Are Macemen worth it?

Are llamas worth using at the Community Plaza with the card?

Economy wise food is never a problem for obvious reasons but wood and gold can be tricky to maintain.

General tips/card recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I don’t think I’m playing the civ properly.

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With Inca you need to gather 15 wood and 180 gold, using these plus your starting wood you can build one house and use the house big button witch costs 180 wood food and gold and gives 4 villagers, you should be able to age with 16 villa and have slight idle tc time, once in 2 if your playing passive ship 600 wood and use it for jungle bowmen and plumed spearman also use this wood for houses and send until you have max houses, once you are at max houses send the card for enhanced house food generation, then send whatever you may need, like units, tc wagon, etc. your composition in age 2 will be all 3 of your warhut units, in age 3 it will be your 3 warhut units, along with huracas if you want to push and kill artillery/buildings, huracas are essentially like a 2 falc shipment without the anti infantry splash, late game chimu and huracas+ jungle bowmen works well good shipments in early age 3 are, 2 tc wagon for greed strats, your fort if you are preparing to be attacked, 8 villagers for some greed but not as greedy as the 2 tc or units for an offensive push

Lamas at the community plaza are good in late age 4, teamgames, or treaty. And your first age 1 card can vary, but I like exotic hardwoods (20% faster wood gathering) like Sweden and Brit you want most villagers on wood while aging from 1 to 2 and then you want a few on food and some on wood, you don’t need a lot of chimus early age 2 unless you want to raid or your opponent will make some sort of age 2 skirmish unit, such as Russia, Dutch etc