Inca warchief aura

I think the inca warchief aura is very monotonous and not that usable .

It boost ur native units . But Inca can’t make native units by default , they need to make tp on natives to make use of this aura . But native tp rush is not the best stretgy in rush game , they have age one card that allow u to train Carib and few other units , but that stretgy is not great either as those units are not that good for that much investment .

In treaty game , it’s super uesless aura , as Inca don’t even have wood to afford their own units , native units just make it worse .

That´s why you can choose when you age up to dance at the Community plaza for Wood, but yeah, I get you anyway, maybe it should be an speed on gathering resourses for your villagers, so it has to be a delícate balance between explore or standing near the more villagers posible as gathering.

Inca has a pretty strong native build, just ask @EliteRiflemann

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