The Incas are a civilization that since the game came out has been unbalanced, it went from being a broken civi to a trash civi, currently the only good things they have are the chimú runner and the feathered spearman; after the last patch only native rush is viable, and only if the natives have a food and wood cost. The huaracas were unbalanced until the previous patch, now they are useless, due to their high cost. Bolas I think they are fine. The maceman is a useless unit, it is too slow and takes up a lot of population space. The priestess is a rarely used unit and her ability is almost a decoration. In a treaty game the Incas are trash, they don’t have anti-artillery, a mass of cannons and the game is over. In my opinion they should rework some units or enable the recruitment of light cannons.


Huaracas are pretty good at taking down artillery due to doing siege damage

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They were until the last patch, now huaracas do half as much damage vs artillery whilst being out ranged and countered by it.

The OP is correct in everything he says, inca are now probably the worst civ in the game with only the native rush being viable. They’ve been nerfed in everyway and been nerfed ridiculously hard. Stopping the instant garrisoning in the fort was enough why did they go further and nerf huaracas vs artillery, just doesn’t make sense.


Inca Rework: By Konahrik

Age 1: No change.
Age 2: No change.
Age 3: Light Cannons unlocked.
Age 4: Captured Mortars are unlocked.

Huaraca: They are unlocked at age 2 and are the equivalent of the Abus Gun of the Ottomans.

Card: Tupac Rebellion. Original

Card: Tupac Rebellion. Rework
Note: Unit exchanges from the original card are maintained.
Advance to the imperial age and get European upgrades for the Inca people, (Cost 5,000 food and gold).
Effect1: Allows you to build the European Advanced Arsenal.
Effect2: Allows you to create European infantry units.
Effect3: Allows you to create European cavalry units.
Effect4: Advance to the imperial age.
Effect5: Automatically upgrades all European units to guard. image
Effect6: Allows you to upgrade European units to Imperial. image
Effect7: Allows you to create artillery foundries and enables the creation of European cannons.

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Incas are still very strong. The native rush is a bit op . Overall getting close to a balanced civ

Huaraca is trash on killing artillery. 22 range with max 40 siege damage which is AWFUL there is nothing you can do against musk horse art + walls.


I think you have to give Arrow Knight to the Incas and Huaracas to the Aztecs hahaha

Seriously speaking, the Incas are pretty bad right now, I proposed the change to the huaraca, but I said it was important to have the multiplier vs Artillery. I trust that the devs were wrong and gave him the multiplier vs infantry looking for it to be vs artillery.

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Another thing that could be done to the Incas is putting the letter ‘s’ at the end of the name ‘Inca’ in the game because it should be spelled ‘Incas’ and not ‘Inca’.

I have no idea what Huaraca’s are useful for now, here is their age 3 stats compared to the jungle bowman.

Huaraca 2 pop Hp: 150, rr:30, range: 20, attack: 20 siege x 2 vs inf x.5vs all cav x.5 vs all shock inf, fr:3, cost: 30 wood 90 coin
Jungle bowmen 1 pop Hp: 113, rr: 20, range: 17, attack 18 x 1.75 vs heavy inf and light cav + 5 poison damage, fr:3, cost: 80 food 25 wood

Doing some math (sry if its wrong) vs heavy inf Huaraca’s do 40 damage while Jungle bowmen do a total of 36.5 damage
However, if you send the card that adds 1x multiplier to jungle bowmen they end up doing a total of 54.5 damage total.
Vs a skirmisher unit with 30% rr Huaraca’s do 20 damage while Jungle bowmen do a total of 17.6

I don’t see any value in this version of the Huaraca yes it has 3 more range but it cannot kite so by the time it fires your enemy has already close the distance to a range that they can fire back. Yes, it has siege damage but with the .5 multipliers vs skirms it’s like giving skirms 50% range resist instead of the standard 30%. Huaracas are far more expensive for comparable stats to a jungle bowman, they both die to a cannon in one shot so why pay more. and if you send the card that adds 1x multiplier to JB they out damage Huaracas all the while being able to kite, JB are just the superior option making Huaracas another useless unit to stand next to macemen.

The only use I can see with Huaracas is vs grenadiers due to grenadiers high range resist, and that’s only if they’re behind a wall and you cant get chimus on top of them.

Oh and I guess there almost viable now as mortars late game now that all native mortars cost a ungodly 8 pop, when it use to be 4or5, sorry macemen your still useless :joy:.

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Need fix for sure. Nerf the native rush, buff the rest of the civ.