Incans Can Garrison Cannons. Doesn't seem fair

This doesn’t seem fair


Yeah this is Overpowered. There was a reason u couldn’t garrison trebs and mangonels in aoe 2. Huge oversight by the devs.

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Incas only get 4 Cannons the whole game, though, so they have to get extra survivability.


I mean, what wasnt an oversight currently?


Inca can get 4 cannons whole game , so it’s fair they can make them survive

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It is essentially impossible to siege down the enemy fortress, because cannons can routinely pop in and out shooting volleys at your men

Hand cav ??? There are many ways

If you hand cavalry is under the enemy fort, it should be dead. If you have enough units to successfully surround the enemy fort and siege it down, you have won a long time ago.

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Dude there are just 4 cannons , in whole game . And he cant even push with them else they can’t be safe . So it’s easy man , eventually Inca will lose . Incas are weak civ atm at top level


Let them build a building similar to a mercenary tavern and produce cannons.

Why? They are clearly designed to only get 4 of them.

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This picking up trick reminds me of the Warp prism + unit pick up in Starcraft 2 and this is very strong to the point where they had to nerf it. Here is a video at the exact time of how it goes. pretty much similar to this

Well i think doing that is the only solution how you deal vs artillery & being an defensive civ i like this.

Also, they can only garrison inside the Fortress and no other building


With Mortars can you outrange the stronghold / inca cannons? Having mortars + hand cav seems like a good combo, not to mention unless the stronghold is in your base the cannons will need to come out away from the protection of the stronghold eventually? I could be wrong on that last part though I don’t play at a high competitive level.

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In the last patch they buffed how fast Inca hero builds the Fort so rebuilding to take a more advantageous fight might be a thing. It is just broken that it exist. If a player masters this. It forces the other to Go full boom into age IV for mortars which by then game will be a treaty game or using the advanced arsenal card that Euro civs were given

I only wish Euro civs were given same treat to their forts

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Its 4 card 1600g big button. Its a pivotal tech but its not a OP tech they have access to thru out the entire match endlessly making new cannons and forts

so inca is designed to be only countered if your civ has mortars. should inca turtle be automatic win vs civs without it?

strongholds should be just deleted of the game or just dont allow militar to garison in them, and give 10 diferent other buffs to inca if necessary. the current civ is terreble design, only think you can do is turtle.

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Oh that’s right I forgot not all civs have them (I have primarily played Euro civs because I didn’t have the expansions for a long time), do civs that don’t get mortars have any way of taking down buildings at range like forts?

Nope, They do not. Only Euro civs have mortar at 40 rang excluding ports which is 48. So it basically means that anyone who goes close to a INCA fort to try and take it down will have a hard time as this FORT does hurt and not only that you may abuse the getting units in and out in any direction. Just wow I do think it might need Re-balance or rework

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