Incompetent, disappointing, and irresponsible

The title summarizes this game and its developers. I lost my 98 Sweden Civ along with all of my decks built for it.

My Russian civ is much lower than it was - it’s level 27 with decks

Spanish Level 6?!

The Spanish civ has decks in Korean? Forgive my ignorance if it’s not Korean.

From my understanding somehow I managed to copy’s someone’s entire profile and got their civ levels, decks, names, etc. How is this even a thing?! How incompetent is this game?

I need this resolved ASAP!!! What the hell is this?!


It’s something named a “software bug”, a problem. More players use the game, more bugs are found, more bugs are fixed. It could take months, but every bug will be fixed, sooner or later…

If only this were true…

Like even if this was true, levels matter nothing in AOE3 anymore? Why such a rant for so little? If you found a bug. report it so the game becomes the one you want to be in.

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If only that were true.

Well, it would still be quite annoying to lose all your decks.


I lost my lv30 Spain and all the decks 2 weeks ago and suddenly get a lv31 German last week. It is weird.

well i thiink i wil take photo of them xD