Inconsistencies with Chinese Dock Work Rate

The civilization overview says that “Docks work 20% faster”. This implies that ships are produced and technologies are researched 20% faster than their original time, but this is not the case. In fact, the differences in time are widely irregular across the board.

I assume that there is some internal, hidden “Work Rate” variable for buildings that this bonus is affected. The issue here is that players cannot see whatever variable this is affecting and the immediate assumption with the overview description is that all ships and technologies will have their times decreased by 20%. In addition to that, even if this speculation is the case, the reduction in time varies from one ship/technology to another.

Here are my numbers:
Extended Lines: 75-62s (17.33%)
Drift Nets: 75-62s (17.33%)
Additional Sails: 45-37s (17.77%)
Navigator Lookout: 60-49s (18.33%)
Extra Ballista: 60-49s (18.33%)
Extra Hammocks: 60-49s (18.33%)
-Judging by the rate of decrease on other techs, I’m assuming the baseline research for this unique tech would be 60 seconds.
Chaser Cannons: 90-75s (16.66%)
Explosives: 60-49s (18.33%)

Fishing Boats: 20-15s (20%)
Trade Ship: 60-49s (18.33%)
Transport Ship: 20-16s (20%)
Junk: 35-29s (17.14%)
War Junk: 45-37s (17.14%)
Explosive Junk: 35-29 (17.14%)
Baochuan: 60-49s (18.33%)

In my opinion, I think that this bonus should either be expressed more clearly or alter the programing so that players are getting the 20% reduction that is implied. Thank you!

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