Incorrect Events in Vlad Dracula's Campaign

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  • GAME BUILD #: 101.102.338680
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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  1. End of Mission 2 → At the end of the intro in the 2nd mission it says: “Bogdan II, Dracula’s cousin and the new Voiveod of Moldavia”. This is not correct. Bogdan II was Dracula’s uncle. The creator of the campaign in Forgotten Empires likely confused him with his son. His son, was Vlad’s cousin, he was Prince Stephen who helped him take back Wallachia in this 2nd mission. And after becoming the new Voiveod of Moldavia (because of other events not in the scope of this campaign) would help Vlad take back Wallachia from the last time in Mission 5. So if a voice editor could be used to change “cousin” into “uncle” it would be great.

Wallachian & Moldavian politics would put Game of Thrones to shame since rulers would change quickly, so I understand Forgotten Empires Team’s mistake, but it would be a nice detail for historical accuracy.
This is the timeline in Moldavia:
→ Bogdan II
→ Vlad comes, his cousin Prince Stephen helps him.
→ While Stephen is in Wallachia is father is killed by his uncle who takes the throne.
→ Vlad the Impaler helps Prince Stephen to take back his throne (not a mission in the game)
→ Prince Stephen becomes Stephen III of Moldavia, and actually rules for 47 years (unique in W&M at time)
→ Stephen III of Moldavia ne(textGetsCensored)ciates Vlad’s release from Hungary and helps him take Wallachia in mission 5.

  1. End of Mission 4 → Not sure why this isn’t mentioned, but it’s worth pointing out that Vlad was waiting for reinforcements from Hungary, as they promised since the beginning of the war (they were supposed to arrive since mission 3 at Giurgiu). Instead, King Mathias betrayed and imprisoned Vlad. Perhaps this should be mentioned in the outro. Basically, King Mathias tricked Vlad to fight a war alone, promising he’ll come with the army in Wallachia but never did, and when he lost, King Mathias imprisoned him to secure good relations with the Ottomans. (Kind of poetic, Vlad hated treachery)

  2. End of Mission 5 → Fixing the historical inaccuracy at the end saying he died in battle. Actually he won. This can be easily checked by Wikipedia saying he reign 3 times. He died 1 and a half year after that, betrayed by the boyars and given to the Ottomans (which is ironic considering he hated treachery the most). But he didn’t die in that battle as the game says.

  3. During Mission 1 → You have 3 Romanian voivods. There are 2 issues with this:
    a. The name of lords/dukes in Wallachia and Moldavia was boyars. Voivod, at the time of Dracula, meant ruler of the country. Only Dracula himself was voivod. So the 3 random voivods should be 3 random boyars.
    b. Jakub, Mircea and Istvan are not real people who helped Vlad the Impaler, they’re randomly named.
    c. Jakub and Istvan are not even proper Wallachian names. Only Mircea is a Wallachian name. And they are supposed to be Wallachian noblemen.

Instead, the first mission should use real people who actually helped Vlad III instead of generic nobleman names:

  • Vlad the Younger (nobleman & brother; the youngest of the 4 brothers: Mircea, Vlad, Radu, Vlad; he was not sent to the Ottomans and supported Vlad the Impaler when he returned; he would rule in 1481 as Vlad IV the Monk being placed on the throne by Stephen III of Moldavia, until 1495 when he was ousted by Mihnea the Evil, son of Vlad the Impaler. But in Vlad the Impaler’s life, he was a loyal ally)
  • Vintila Florescu (nobleman)
  • Neagoe de la Strehaia (most powerful of his allies, nobleman, ruler of Craiova)
  • Giacu Balaceanu (nobleman)
  • Udriste Manea (nobleman)
  • Commander Gales (nobleman & general, he failed to attack the Ottoman Camp from the east during the night attack, while Vlad the Impaler attacked from the west; some sources blame Gales for the failure of the night attack and wonder why he didn’t attack, whether it was intentional or miscommunication)


"This is the official channel of the international research project CORPUS DRACULIANUM, the main authority in the study of the life and times of the Wallachian voivode Vlad III the Impaler Drăculea (1431-1476). This channel provides exclusively scientific researched and referenced facts packaged in a format easy to absorb by the general public and history buffs: no vampires, no Balkan stereotypes, no commercial non-facts, only source-based history!

We are professional historians from universities and scientific institutes in Germany and Romania. We spent more than a decade finding hundreds of medieval documents and chronicles on Vlad Drăculea in many archives and libraries.
We are sharing our knowledge and the latest key findings, which help us look beyond the myths and legends of Drăculea."

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start AoE2.
  2. Select Singleplayer and Campaign
  3. Select Vlad Dracula’s Campaign
  4. Play

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Mission 1: * Wallachian Boyars (Slavs): The three boyars control fortified positions in the southern half of the map, Vintila Florescu commanding the east, Neagoe de la Strehaia the center and Giacu Balaceanu the western force. They each give Vlad a quest and grant control of some of their troops upon initiating their quests.

Mission 2 Outro: Bogdan II, Dracula’s uncle and the new Voivod of Moldavia, had heard of his kinsman’s plight and offered his help. If Dracula could cross the Carpathian Mountains into Transylvania and ally with Hungary, then they could launch a three-pronged assault on Vladislav II and the Turks.

Mission 4 Outro: * (…)I watched Dracula’s boat float downstream.

I heard he went to Transylvania to receive help from the king of Hungary, but he was betrayed an imprisoned.

The stone bastions of Poenari never caught flame, so I was spared(…).

Mission 5 Outro: All of the outro text is incorrect. It should be remade, stating that he won, and his cousin Stephen III of Moldavia left him 200 bodyguards and left, Dracula tried to stabilize his rule once more, but the boyars betrayed him and gave him to the Ottomans. Perhaps the campaing could be ended with this real life Dracula quote:

“When a man or a prince is powerful and strong at home, then he will be able to do as he wills. But when he is without power, another more powerful than he will overwhelm him and do as he wishes” - Vlad the Impaler


All of this ^ was fixing an incorrect depiction of events. This is not about fixing an incorrect depiction of events so it’s optional. Vlad Dracula’s campaing has the potential of being a co-op campaing:

  • In mission 1, player 1 could play with Dracula as Slavs (loyal Wallachian retinue) and player 2 play as Turks.
  • Prince Stephen/Stephen III of Moldavia could be the co-op partner for missions 2/5. (real person)
  • Commander Gales could be the co-op partner for the missions 3-4. (real person)

Make the following characters Heroes:

  • Vintila Florescu, Champion (pro-Dracula boyar from mission 1)
  • Neagoe de la Strehaia, Paladin (pro-Dracula boyar from mission 1)
  • Giacu Balaceanu, Arbalester (pro-Dracula boyar from mission 1)
  • Stephen III of Moldavia, Paladin (Dracula’s cousin from mission 5, rename ‘Prince Stephen’ for mission 2)
  • Commander Gales, Knight (general in service of Dracula in missions 3 and 4)

Having some more heroes would add more immersion to the story.

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I think that word gets censored because it should be “negotiate”

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I support this topic because I love original researches. Nevertheless, I would like to note that I myself have little understanding of the Romanian issue, but the topicstarter can be completely trusted in this regard. I am always for historical accuracy. To be honest, I once thought that the dev team had historical consultants specifically for such things, but it turns out that this is not the case, and they make historical events by skimming unverified Wikipedia articles or without reading anything at all. There are lots of things to fix.

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