INCORRECT Latam Spanish Translation: Hulk is not "Barco Viejo"


I want to report an incorrect translation. The English and HRE Springald ship is called Hulk, but translated into Latam Spanish (español de Latinoamérica), it was named as “Barco Viejo”, which in English means “Old Ship” or even “Granny Ship”.

This is not right, first of all because the meaning that they are giving to the Hulk in the game refers to a type of medieval ship (an ancient use of the word Hulk) with is correct at the age the game takes place, not to the later conception that in English is used to refer to it, wich now is used to refer to old ships that are used as hostals or jails.

The Oxford dictionary classifies the Hulk as an old ship, but that is in its current definition; in its definition of “Origin”, it describes that it is a type of medieval ship that derives from the Greek Holkas ‘cargo ship’.

The closest translation to Spanish could be “Urca”, since it is the description of a merchant cargo ship in Spanish, as well as the one used in Catalan and Portuguese languajes. However, the difference is that the concept of “Urca” did not fall into disuse like the Hulk, and on top of that it was used for boats much later than the medieval age, as long as they are cargo ships.

That being the case, the name of the unit in spanish could be Urca, or keep it as Hulk in Spanish, but everything except “Barco Viejo”. My greetings.

Thank you @GoldenArmorX! I’ll have the localization team check into this. We really appreciate the feedback!