Incorrect number of picked-up relics

I just played a game where I collected 4 relics, but the post-game stats assures me I had 5 relics. See the screenshots below.

The stats:

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Esto sucede cuando tu monje toma una reliquia del monasterio y luego la devuelve.

Es posible que veas jugadores de Delhi con 20 reliquias recolectadas debido al Ă©nfasis en usarlas para conversiones.

Ha estado en el juego desde su lanzamiento. La mayoría de las estadísticas después del juego necesitan ser corregidas.

No hice esto del todo. I did not do this at all.

Ah, ok, no sé por qué sucedió en tu caso.

I have seen a similar bug several time where my opponent managed to collect more relics than is actually present on the map (at least according to the post game statistics).

¿Fue por la razón que mencioné o no?

The number of relics is calculated based on how many were put into the monastery. Take a holy relic from the monastery and put it back in, this value will also increase by one

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There are more than a few post-game stat bugs, unfortunately. This Relic count one is indeed one of them, though I see what you’re saying @webJose. If you run into it again where you are certain you didn’t get double-counted, please post back here. I’ll keep an eye out as well! Thank you for the report!

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