Incorrect Test of Strength Labels

This is a very minor “bug,” but many of the Test of Strength challenges for four civilizations’ masteries are incorrectly displayed as “mastery_[civ name]_#”.

For example, the Test of Strength challenges for China read as follows:


For Ottomans and Mongols, it is only the first Test of Strength challenge that is incorrectly displayed (e.g., mastery_mongol_03). For China and Abbasid, it is ALL of the Test of Strength challenges that are displayed in this way.

Finally, the Test of Strength I challenges for Ottomans and Mongols completely lack a description of what one must do to complete them. All of the other incorrectly displayed Test of Strength challenges have a description.

The bug/labeling error might not be a top priority, but I wanted to make sure that the developers knew about it sooner rather than later, since civ masteries are not something that one might necessarily think to check.

Thank you for reporting @TheChessGirl! We’re looking into this.

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