Increase collision size of units to allow more micro?

So I’m watching Day[9] talk about micro and pathing right now on his stream.

He explained (and you can try this yourself) how units tend to clump together extremely tight when you give them a command. See your starting villagers ontop of a sheep. Its impossible to micro a single villager (or unit in a battle) let alone its difficult to see and click.

In short, its not just extremely difficult to micro, I would go as far as to say its nearly impossible to micro individual units in a fight. Whether or not its worth it do even do that in this game is not the thing I want to discuss. What I want to discuss is how that feels, being unable to micro single units and pull them back from ranged attacks for example.

So the only option you have is either not micro, which is boring. Or, you pull the entire group of units back, because you cannot click on individual units. This reduces the skill ceiling immensly, because no one can control individual units precisely.

Day[9] just said, pathing is unlikely to change at this point. However, what the developers could do is tinker with the collision size of units. If their collision size was increased, then maybe they would spread out more? And maybe this would make it possible to select individual units and micro them, raising the skill ceiling and allowing for more fun in micro?

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compared to age of empires 2 or 3 and sc2 is a throwback in terms of micro.
the micro in age IV is far from being as important as in other games!