Increase conversion range of monks against rams and trebs

It is very rare to see the conversion of either rams or trebs despite the lack of mobility of trebs and rams being a melee unit. I propose increasing the conversion range to 4 and 6 with blockprinting.

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Nah. Trebs are insanely expensive and being able to convert them qt range, even a limited range, would be a huge weakness. As for rams they are very easy to counter already.


Bombard cannons are even more expensive and can be converted from 12 tiles away

Bombard cannons have more mobility and are easier to mass up, and also have better accuracy against units.

Tbh converting buildings and some siege from range will probably be a bonus/UT of a civ sooner or later

Monk defence is already strong enough. Don’t see any reason to buff it.
You can use melee units and bbc against rams and trebs. (Against rams even onagers are kinda OP currently).

There should be no unit that counters anything behind walls and monk/bbc/onager are already way too close to this.

Trebs are intentionally OP, so you can’t just camp the lategame to infinity.