Increase damage of towers towards ships starting in feudal age before heated shot

If one places a tower near a dock for one reason or another or to defend a near shore-line resource be it a woodline, stone or gold one would expect early-game ships to be deterred by the damage, but that is not the case; even when garrisoned fully, damage from towers is minimal towards aggressor ships.

I suggest increasing that damage, how much I don’t know, but a fully garrisoned tower would be better off being able to kill a nearby enemy ship within 2 or 3 volleys.

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Considering how stale the water meta is, I’m not totally opposed to this idea.


This seems like a great idea. One thing that bugs me about water meta is that there’s no home field advantage. On land the aggressor has to be careful not to get lured into TC fire, and easy prey like villagers can garrison. There’s no water equivalent, and if the enemy wins a water battle even narrowly (one ship remaining) then all your fishing ships are dead. No garrison, no fighting in friendly cover fire, no safe farm/fish area, no comebacks.

I’d go as far as allowing docks to garrison and fire arrows (like a weaker harbor), but better towers is certainly a start.


Not to mention that in feudal age towers too close to water are easily destroyed by fire galleys, you just need 2 fire galleys to kill a feudal tower with fletching.

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Yeah, it’s rough for towers atm where they need a buff against such.