Increase Delhi mosque capacity

Please, increasy the mosque capacity.

You can only put 3 scholars into one mosque, and them use a lot of space.

I am stuggling a lot with Delhi just building the base, because you need minimum 3-4 mosque on feudal/castle to be competitive researching the technologies.

Increasing the capacity from 3 to 5, you will only need 2, and it will save a lot of space to build.


This is one of the best ideas in this AoE4 discussion currently.
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You’re getting everything for free mate, there has to be some counter balance

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Not really free, you need to use wood for mosque, and gold for scholars.

Despite that, your researchings will ever be slower than regular civs.

And last, didn’t say in the original post, but they can increase capacity and increase also wood cost, so it is balanced.

The problem here is that the mosque is a huge building. In mountain maps or 1v1 it’s near impossible build a base when you need to put 4-5 of that buildings around.

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