Increase Trebuchet Cost

Sick of being alerted to enemies only to see 50 trebuchets destroying all your buildings?
I suggest the wood + gold cost increases by at least 100%, maybe more. Also, i suggest adding a stone cost - as it uses stone boulders as ammunition.
Thank you.

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Are you seeing what is really happening to the game??
Knights and Crossbows are the units that now rule the metagame, and for literally all civilizations out there
And half of the UUs are unused
And civs like Turks and Portos are still helpless
And Longswords are still helpless even with Supplies introduced

Let’s fix these balance issues first.


Trebuchets have been like as now for years.
If your enemy comes with 50 trebuchets (i hope this is an exageration) means that you allowed thim to make them. It is the same as if the enemy comes with 40 paladins… you are already dead except if you have a counter army ready.

If the enemy come with 2-4 trebuchets, which is a more usual situation, you can still try to snipe them with your own siege, cavalry or range attacks. Trebuchets have strong attack, but are slow and need packing/unpacking, so even if you lose your first buildings you still will have time to send a little army to destroy them.

My favorite way to destroy them are bombard cannons and shotel warriors, but this is based on personal experiences. Dont take this seriously


Your enemy needs to pay 10000W and 10000G for 50 trebs


In game are only 3 siege units capable of taking down castle single-handedly.

  • Trebuchet
  • Bombard Cannon
  • Siege Ram
    Im not sure about Capped Ram, of course is not as effective as Siege Ram.

Are civs without Siege Ram and Bombard Cannon, so Trebuchet is only viable option for them to puch enemy fortifications. This will be horrendous nerf to those civs.


Actually trebs are the only good and efficient way to destroy castles till mid imp. Castles will become OP with nerfed trebs


What did you smoked?


This… If some one build an army with this number of resources invested to it, expect it to kill you.

I still think 200 + 200 is too cheap for the potential damage to cost ratio

It’s the second most costly unit in the entire game, only after the BBC, and to train them you have to spend 650 stone and 200 seconds of build time one a castle, what more do you want?