Increasing amount of desync errors

Hi all,

It seems I’m getting more and more desync errors.

These appear randomly. I do not believe these are the result of people intentionally causing this. They happen before action is ongoing. Sometimes at 3 minutes, sometimes at 10 minutes.

I feel these are occuring at a much an increasing frequent rate. Is the server accruing issues or something?
SyncError_PreviousFrame_8198_651d81b8_DESKTOP-9CQSLUA_Intel(R) Core™ i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz.txt (212.8 KB)
SyncError_OutOfSyncFrame_8199_72ef55d7_DESKTOP-9CQSLUA_Intel(R) Core™ i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz.txt (212.3 KB)

The DxDiag is already at relic team. I’ve made about 2 - 3 reports via the official forum in this regard.


Its caused by drophackers btw.
They can recognize a moment when their total score is higher than yours or yours team so they drophack and game ends with no result ----> the team/player/ with higher total score gets a win.

Thats why they usually leave before they even start some fight cause they would lose much military score.

I’m curious how they know when they have a higher score before drop hacking.

Wait what? The game says no result. I don’t think it adds any result to anyone?
I also checked all players in the game; none of them have their match history hidden, none of them has another no results game in their history.

I estimate my team had total score of 17.200 (max of a player 4920)
I estimate opponent team had a total score off 15.490 (max of a player 5200)

Who would get that win then? It says no result in match history but Defeat (annihilation) for members of both teams.

Edit: on it states 2 dots for today in 4on4 (we played 2 games: 1 as mentioned was a desync and one a defeat). As the first dot today goes up from last time we played 4on4, it must have considered it a win. The 2nd dot, a loss, indeed goes down. Indicating my team won. thus the drop, IF caused by a player, would have been a player from my team. Since I had only 1 friend and 2 randoms that somewhat limits the options.


Check the ELO changes after No-result games - You get a win or lose and am not sure whats the deciding factor.

If you see this, please do contact support with your warnings.log file.

Thanks, all!