India AI sends Good Faith Agreements as First Card - that is a waste of its first card

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  • GAME BUILD #: September PUP
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Very frequently, the India AI is sending Good faith agreements as its first card, instead of distributivism. I don’t think that is what it should do, since distributivism is worth a little more than 3 villagers with immediate benefits. Good faith agreements as the first card is not useful.

Before the update, this issue wasn’t present.

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play against India AI
  2. Check recording to see what card it sends for its first shipment.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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Should send distributivism, that’s the only card that seems to be the best strategy for India.

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Couple of games where this happened:

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Hello there @DiplexBoss6, the AI strikes again! We’re currently already tracking this issue :slight_smile:.


Ehhh good faith agreements is passable if you go France and switch out, but the AI typically sticks with one ally the entire game which significantly reduces the value of the shipment.

It is hard to argue against distributism though.

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It may be useful, but distributivism has immediate effects as the first card. Good faith agreements needs too much investment to actually have any effect.

Agreed. Just there’s so many things that plague the AI and mods can only do so much.

Hello Mr. @Ippert. Thanks for reading my AI reports and replying to them. And also for your hard work improving the game. I really appreciate it.

I have some more AI stuff for you (I didn’t want to create a new report because I’ve been making too many AI reports already). With the latest PUP #43576, I noticed that the units made by the AI will sometimes travel to a set location near its base just after training. However, if they are attacked on the way to the location, they don’t fight back. It’s easy kill.

I am attaching some recorded games.

In the first game, the Russian AI is sending musketeers and strelets to some target location. (See around 13 minute mark) My longbow/musk/hussar army is picking them off easy and they mostly don’t respond to my army till they have reached the front. Maybe they should be put on attack move?
Record Game 2021-09-07 22-50-09.age3Yrec (8.4 MB)
By the way, thank you for making the Russia AI much better!

In the second one, the Ethiopian AI is sending Gascenya (why does it want to make Gascenya against my Fulani I don’t know, it may not have heard of its Shotel warrior?) to some target location even when the town is under attack. It also lost its Sebastopol to the same mistake - the Sebastopol died without responding to my attacks towards the end of the game.
Recording: Record Game 2021-09-07 23-56-45.age3Yrec (9.1 MB)

Thanks again!


Heey @DiplexBoss6, this is an unfortunate side effect of another change :frowning_face:. We’ll be working on making it all work together harmoniously :slight_smile:.

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Oh, I see!

Thanks once again @Ippert . I hope the issue will be resolved soon since its still there in version 43871.

I have a suggestion for the AI that I’ve had for a while but it’s not really a “bug”, so I didn’t report. Can the AI learn to build military buildings away from its base once the existing military buildings in its base are destroyed? I always know where the AI will want to build a barracks or stable or dock and if I keep some troops near some destroyed military building, the AI will sacrifice all its villagers to build at the exact same place.

Also, currently, the AI does not prioritize the rebuilding of a destroyed military building. It will try to do so later, but its already too late then. Many times it will not have the wood to rebuild, but sometimes it has wood and builds a mill instead :pleading_face:, or researches some wood heavy tech.