India is even more Mughal Now

More cards added to make Indians more Mughal.

It’s time to add Marathas as separate faction. Will also like to see EIC as a playable faction.


Marathas →


India is barely touched despite being one of the civs that isn’t DLC or had a revisit.

Well the biggest boon to India is they now have an infinite Rocket shipment like brits except they have to pay food unlike brits but they have cows for XP and they need rockets more.


The rockets are better than normal rockets I think which is why they cost food.

I really wwnt an Indian split


I would rather see them turn India into a “choose your side” faction, where to age up to age 2, you have to choose Islam, or Hinduism, and one locks you out of the others. Like, the Mughals should have cavalry archers, traditional Mongol/Chatagai/Timurid units. Hindus can get the Marathas, Tamils, so forth.

Also I am very, VERY disappointed with the Indian explorer’s new skin. Like, a British Raj uniform, I wanted an actual Mughal khan, or general. Though I hate the “monks” in general, they’re kinda ridiculous. The Shaolin never led armies, the warrior priests of Japan were more priests than warriors, the I don’t think the Brahmins engage in warfare, they’re not part of the Kshatriya.

Though I am an incredibly biased Mughal enthusiast so Idk how qualified I am to debate anything Indian.


India is and always was mughals in AOE 3… I think there should be Maratha and Safavids added in one dlc



I’d rather have completely separate civs for separate kingdoms

Also give horses to the Indians already


Marathas especially need a lot of horses. Literally googling them gives you 90% pictures with horses and the rest on foot.

Maratha would have an orange flag therefore I want it in the game. I’m a simple man of exquisite orange flag taste.


I’ve always been bothered by AoE2’s Indians not getting Knights as well lol

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Yeah, the Nanib skin is a Raj India skin, but at least is better than the Brahmin Monk.

Anybody that has the cosmetic DLC can check if both Monks change to Nanib?


What DLC are you talking about?

The new hero pack DLC

Yuck, what the hell did they add here…

Maratha I don’t think (at most they put several Maratha themed cards)… Safavids (or simple Persians) yes, maybe they also put Afghans or Omanis…

Yes,in Empire Total War the Maratha have an orange flag and sikh musketeers


Simple…easy money…

I may get myself in trouble on this one, but I really don’t want to see them try and do two Indias. It’d be a mess. I don’t want to take out the Muslim influence of the Mughal empire entirely though. I’d rather see the inclusion of Persia as one of the Islamic “Gunpowder Empires.” A lot of the elements India currently has would work perfectly in a new Persia, leaving India to take more of a Hindu focus. By doing this, we would create two civs each with a very unique identity and ensure that we give proper representation to the historical powers of the region at the time.

A new Hindu-focused India could still include the British Raj. I don’t think it would be fair to exclude such a fundamental part of Indian history, and be worked to play much as the current India does. I’d like to see a new Persia designed around two key ideas: 1) being the Shi’a Gunpowder Empire as a mirror to the Ottoman Empire and 2) being a gateway between Europe and Asia along the Silk Road trade route. Here, rather than follow the European model (basic economy, factories, etc) or the Asian model (consulate units, export, monks, rice paddies, wonders to age up, etc), they would be a hybrid of the two.

Doing this kind of redesign would be a ton of work, but that’s an idea I’ve considered and I think would be worth at least a little debate.


You are hypocrite to think we don’t want Persians as another civ. We want Persians and Marathas. Where’s the problem in having them both?

No I don’t want second Indian civ, at least for the foreseeable future.
Potential Persian civilization and the split of India should be unrelated issues.

This civilization is called Indians instead of Mughals. I don’t see any necessary for a split.
To AoE3, I think Maratha is like Switzerland (Swiss Pikeman), Kingdom of Tungning (Iron Troop), Kingdom of Dahomey (Dahomey Amazon), Kingdom of Kanem-Bornu (Kanuri Guard), etc. These places have characteristics, but are not suitable for civilizations and minor civilizations for various reasons. Introducing units from there as mercenaries or units of an existing civilization is the best practice. This also applies to many lesser Asian powers such as Koreans, Vietnamese, Burmese, etc.