Indian card bugged

I looked at update and I thought wow FINALLY after 15 years !!! It was great !! but how ! LOL!

Then faced continuous 14 games closing at 00:00:01 #OOS but anyways :slight_smile: still played . . .

So in a very usual fashion, DEVS, gave a trash Indian update :slight_smile:
with their usual 100% ignorance, focusing other civs and just throwing s#itty updates to India 100th time that created as usual, some new and brought back repeating old bugs.


Every time they update India, they all forgot about the MISTAKE they made in every past update and then intentionally repeat it EVERYTIME!! i.e. they set villager limit on Indian cards.They do EVERY TIME! and then you have to wait 2 months to get it correct. Such a short-term memory loss it is.

Point being how can you repeat a blunder that u have done atleast 3 times already and have bug reports for same thing every 4 months :slight_smile:

BUT… This time :

They have gone to new heights ! they have invented age 5 cards but didnt even mentioned. :slight_smile: They invented a new bug where the card is in ur deck at 4th age, and when u call it, its useless, and ur whole shipment is wasted ! and then you age up to age 5 and then ONLY you have to use another shipment to call that same card ! and finally it will take affect (maybe) :slight_smile: PFA

(RANKED Team games )

  • Called the card already in 4th age but , Mohout armour didn’t incease, when I aged up to age 5, and called the card again, then only I was able to see the 10% armour :slight_smile:

  • was this intended ? I dont think so, I tested several times in Skirmish the card worked in age 4.

  • So I tried to test the sepoy faster and cheaper card :slight_smile: in age 4. nor does the train time decrease, but the cost also remained the same :slight_smile:

  • Then I re-called the card in age 5, and then only it worked. :slight_smile:


  • Even Ignoring the continuous OOS…

  • this wasnt a restriction for beta testing, that they restricted the card for ranked game, I was able to use them in age 5

  • I used my mohout thinking they have the increased armour, but in reality i wasted a shipment and my mohouts still remained as it is.

  • For few minutes I was assured that i called the card already and it must be working :slight_smile: but I charged into enemy without it :slight_smile: (fortunately we were winning)

So . . . IDK what to say :slight_smile: thanks for very nice un-dedicated usual trash update for this Diwali for the Indian civ.

huh thats strange it works as intended for me in age 4 in multiplayer games

Post your problems in the report a bug section of the forums and then they might actually fix it. Can’t expect them to get everything perfect on the largest ever update.


It haven’t in ranked games for me.

They still have repeat the same mistake 4th time in a row :slight_smile: there are reports already raised everytime and it will take 2 minths to be cured as in past. its not about bugs in update. its about DEVs attitude problem they are more keen to re skin settlers and renaming them and giving dedicated updated for civs but the ORIGINAL most unique civ is always on the sidelines :slight_smile:

Not related to the current patch, but:

The Indian free Villagers are error-prone. For long term benefits, arguably it’s better to solve it at its root by making it a civ bonus on a mechanical level:

A tech that either auto-ships a Villager or 2 Uhlans with each tagged shipment.

The bonuses of new KotM civs are done this way, as a civ-wide tech: Maltese unit HP growth (DEMalteseCivBonus) and free Italian Settlers (DEShipItalianVillager), though admittedly they are universally applied with no exceptions.


Similarly, they’ve corrected Bourbon Royal Tax effect on Tribal Marketplace

  • Royal Tax (Bourbon Royal House): No longer grants coin for Tribal Marketplaces, fixed outdated tooltip.

But it’s achieved by counting all buildings (LogicalTypeBuildingsNotWallsOrGroves), then specially subtracting coin for TMP, and they neglected to do the same for Habsburg Crown Lands (XP for buildings) and Athos Monastery Phanarion (Evzone for buildings).

It might be better to remove the tag from TMP, or create some new tag for it.

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After checking the file, the indian techs requires 2 flags to ignore the pop cost and also one which I think to ignore any error that DE throws up about the flags, which is kinda funny

The maltese one doesnt work with infinite shipment so surely there are ways around that

checked the maltese bonus tech, in DEAge0Maltese:
<effect type="SetOnShipmentSentTech" amount="1.00" allowinfinite="false">DEMalteseCivBonus</effect>
so they use allowinfinite to make exceptions, i think it is possible to use similar way to make other exceptions


I wonder about the Ethiopian alliance tech Goa Followership (DEAllegianceIndianVillagers). Its effect DEShipIndianVillager simply uses SetOnShipmentSentTech to give free Villagers, doesn’t seem to have these special flags. I guess unlike the real Indian civ, it just allows the free Villagers to get housed.

The Conscript Sepoys card (replace the 1 Villager in shipments with 2 Sepoys) would be simpler with SetOnShipmentSentTech too.

Next time please report this here

And follow the instructions to report, that way the Devs have it easier to investigate and fix it.

Was this bug fixed in the latest hotfix ?

the pop thing is gone