Indian consulate Gendarmes get an extra Veteran upgrade for free

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.14825.0
  • GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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All consulate units get free unit upgrades for the current age and an extra 10% bonus damage/health, but Cuirasseirs (Gendarmes) also get +20% damage/health. It’s the same effect as the Fortress Age Veteran upgrade has for Commerce Age units, but Cuirasseirs don’t have access to this upgrade originally. Other consulate units with no Fortress Age upgrade (Falconets from British Allies and Culverins from Portugese Allies) do not get this bonus.

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Same thing is noted for chinese gendarmes


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actually this is due to the fact that all consulate units get an additional upgrade of 20% in fortress

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Yes, but while the Cuirassier starts at the Veteran level like all Age 3 units, it starts without a +20% HP and Attack buff, its HP and Attack are naturally high. The Consulate version getting a +20% HP and Attack puts it far above the non-Consulate version in stats.

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All consulate units start with +10% And are subsequently upgraded with each age:

+20% in age III
+30% in age IV
+50% in age V

Since you send the Cuirassier card in age III, you get +10% and +20%

It has been like this for ever, its not a bug, but a feature. You spend export on this shipment, you spend export for allying with nation and you invest wood for consulate, which is used just a few times during the game. Thats why you get stronger units. To make it worth the effort.

I don’t think you understand what the problem is. Cuirassiers, unlike all other consulate units, get an extra +20% compared to their non-consulate version. Consulate units are only meant to have 10% more HP and Attack compared to their non-consulate version. Consulate Cuirassiers have 30% more.


Cuirasseir is a typical unit which have basic stats from age3 but not age2, so that they couldnt get veteran upgrade(+20%hp/att).the guard/RG/imperial upgrade are calculated based on age3 stats.
others like warwagon, cassador, mahout,howdah,jaguar/eagle knight are the same.And Cuirasseir is the only one which can be trained in consulate.

Uhmm… No?
It is you who doesnt understand it.

ALL CONSULATE UNITS have +10% by default


So 10% +20% is 30% - Yes, in age 4 all consulate units have +60% and in age 5 they have +110%.

Thats how all upgrades work and ever worked in the game. (base value) * (sum of all upgrade values)

Actually, both Mahout Lancers and Howdahs start with a 20% hp/dmg bonus, and the Cuirasseir is definitely not the only age 3 unit that can be trained from the consulate (even if we somehow completely ignore all the age 3 artillery units, the Japanese consulate does have Lancers from the Spanish Allies).

ur right, Intervention ships lancer(+30%) now when ally to spainish

WRITING SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE. Not all consulate units gain +20% bonus in age 3, as it turns out artillery is an exception for some reason.

What are you talking about? I used caps to highlight words, which i believe would make SoullessHeathen realise where the devil is hidden. Because it seems he does not understand how upgrades work.

And yes, artillery is an exception. But do not generalise majority on basis of minority.

Whatever. There is no bug, everything works as intended. You send consulate cuirassiers in age 3, you get +10% coz they are consulate and +20% coz its age 3.

I understand how upgrades work just fine. You just don’t understand what I’m saying.

Non-artillery units normally have a Veteran/Elite/Disciplined upgrade that grants them a +20% increase to attack and hit points in Age 3.

For most units that can only be trained starting in Age 3, like the Skirmisher or the Dragoon, this is granted as an automatic upgrade upon age up. For others, like the Halberdier or the Cuirassier, they simply start with Veteran in the name and don’t actually get an upgrade.

When non-artillery consulate units are automatically upgraded in Age 3, they get the +20% increase to attack and hit points as an equivalent to the Veteran upgrade.

Thus, a consulate unit is meant to only have 10% more HP and Attack than the non-consulate Veteran version in Age 3.

But Cuirassiers do not have a Veteran upgrade, they simply have Veteran in the name. Same with Lancers. Yet the Consulate Cuirassier and Lancer still get a +20% increase to attack and hit points in Age 3, despite the French Cuirassier and Spanish Lancer not getting a +20% Veteran upgrade in Age 3.

This means that the Age 3 Consulate Cuirassiers and Lancers has 30% more hit points and attack than the Veteran French Cuirassiers and Veteran Spanish Lancers, instead of 10% more.

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Aaaah. Now I understand what you mean. You could say they ‘get a free Veteran upgrade, while non-consulate ones don’t get Veteran upgrade’. - They just start on “Veteran” that doesnt do anything.

That is true and there has been some confusion from my side.

Nevertheless, the consulate cuirassier is a different unit (in game code) and it follows different, you could say, veterancy path. Hasn’t it been like this in AoE 3 as well?

According to the consulate formula (+20 fort, +30 ind, +50 imp) it is still not a bug. So the argument here isn’t:

‘Consulate cuirassiers gain +20% compared to non-consulate one, so its a bug.’
the argument is
‘Consulate cuirassiers gain +20% compared to non-consulate one, isnt it a bit too strong?’

If that is what you all have been getting at, then i have no opinion about it.

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Guess what just got fixed in the latest patch?


Not a fix, it wasn’t bugged.