Indian DLC for AoE2 and if it means anything for us

Yes,it is valid but the issue is that the Malays were conquered in the sixteenth century by the Portuguese and Dutch, and I doubt that Aceh and Yogyakarta can fill that gap…

Javanese would be a solid choice for a civ. They were eventually conquered by the Dutch but there were still prominent nations like the Mataram Sultanate and Yogyakarta Sultanate that remained independent into the 1800s.

Well, there it can be…

Yes, it would also be only an evolution of the zamburak…

And the Burmese?,They fought both against Siam in the c. XVI-XVIII and against the British in the XIX… and the Koreans because simply because of the historical continuity of the saga…

Personally, I don’t want more Asian civilizations due to how they are designed.

And as for my thoughts on the Burmese, they were not big enough to be ignored like the Indians, nor had they managed to maintain their sovereignty independently like the Siamese. In my preference, I’d have them introduced as mercenary units.

This is actually a quite unimportant and low priority reason.
It’s not necessary just because AoE1 or AoE2 introduced them, so AoE3 also has to introduce them as a complete civilization.

If you still think that being a mercenary or native minor civilization brings too little new content for the small Asian countries like Burmese, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc. , you can consider this new idea about the King of the Hill. They will become a special minor civilization “Landmark” with richer contents and more importantance to the game. This avoids the worry of having too many civilizations because a large number of small Asian naitons have become complete civilizations.

And I personally dislike how Asian civs are designed. Big Huge Games designed them really weirdly and Forgotten Empires (apparently) refuses to address that in any way.

Make the consulate and wonder mechanics unique to the three pre-existing Asian civilizations, or even completely remove them, but don’t restrict the entirety of Asia to only those three civs.


This and monk heroes and outlaw monasteries are the main source of disappointment for Asian civilization.

I don’t oppose Persians, Omanis (Arabs) and Siamese at all, but I don’t want to see another 15 wonders outside the home cities and 3 monk heroes being the leaders of armies and towns.


The part I find most ironic is that military leaders would have been great for the Asian civs while the Native civs would have been great for religious figures to be the explorers.


Lo que intentaba decir es que esa revista es más un anuncio publicitario (habla en condicional) que otra cosa.

No hay ningun registro escrito ni fotografia del uso real de una gatling como Zamburak, todas las fuentes apuntan solo a esta revista.

Of course, good point…in fact the flag of the Hausa is that of the of Sokoto Caliphate…


Here’s a better photo…

The toradar would be more like an arquebusier like the ashigarus rather than the European musketeers…

Ashigarus still fill the musketeer role. Toradars would work well because they’d be generic enough to fill the musketeer role in any Indian civ. That would let them split India into Mughals, Mysoreans, and Marathas but still have some common units to simplify the learning curve.

Is the Hindi version of the game fixed yet?

LOL NOPE! not even close, they did improved something , some updates ago but nothing major.

We have 2 haciendas and corrales yet in Spanish too plus some other things…

The content of civilization of AoE3 is also obviously larger, more complex, and richer than that of AoE1 as well considering the many timeframes of the antiquity era that AoE1 goes through and because of that, if a new DLC for AoE1 that revolves around the Indian Subcontinent is made, there wouldn’t just only be one Indian civ but multiple Indian civs and they’d all be using the South Asian building set just like in AoE2.

I have no opinion on the Indian civilizations in AoE1.
I haven’t played AoE1, but I’ve heard that introducing Scythians in AoE1 is an expected option.

By the way, I am disappointed that Chinese civilization is named “Shang”. That’s just a name of the specific dynasty. At least the Chinese before AoE2 had the unified dynasties of Xia (no direct archaeological evidence), Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, and Jin, let alone the periods of division.

Well, there it can be…