Indian faction

I open this post to discuss the possibility of getting another faction of India apart from the one we have now.

For example, as the Delhi Sultanate is a culture of Muslim religion, this other faction could focus on Hinduism as a religion.

What is our opinion do you think it is possible that at some point in the future we will get another faction from India.


Yeah, make the Muslim Scholars into Hindu Shaman, will instant make Mali Ally into enemy if they kill a single cow.

Oh, they had Buddhism as well, so Buddhism Monk, and they are veggie folks, can’t eat sheep, boar, fish, deers.

Keep copy and paste Civs in AOE2, OK?

Don’t forget to copy Shogun 2 and AOE3.

For those who know a little about history, they should know that India was never unified in this medieval period. It has always been a true war square where various groups fought for their own independence and dominion, thus creating empires of thousands of soldiers, as well as different architectures and technologies in certain regions.
This is reminiscent of ancient Germany, where various barbarian groups - example: Franks, Vandals, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Suevi, Lombards, Angles and Saxons, all of them fought for their own independence and dominion, until Germany was unified it took a period and that too It serves India, where many empires rose and fought to have dominion and independence, but many fell over the centuries and it took many, many centuries, until one day India was completely united.
*Observation: this comparison I made with the Germans is even unfair, as the Germans were generally of the same race and ended up generally invading other lands and thus forming other civilians/nations over time. As for India, it was invaded and mixed with other races and cultures, but they did not mix completely, since they were divided into territories and each one had its domain and thus ended up having its own architecture and military technology and remembering that they normally did not leave the Indian continent, because it is a territory that was very rich and plentiful, so they tried to dominate each other and divide territories and thus different empires were born there.

Remembering that “india” portrayed as a single and unified civilization in AoE2(2013), I’m not talking about the campaign, but the selection of the civilization as a whole, since it was treated as an entire country at the time of selection… it was a big mistake that had to be corrected later with the new game AoE2:DE. Obviously who made that DLC was an independent group of developers who made the Mods, they wanted to add a generic india and easier for them to do, and so they were later contracted and incorporated into the official game to boost sales of the AoE2(2013) re-release with new content.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY NOW, so you don’t forget :
The developers of AoE4, once responded, saying that they will bring a new Indian civilization. If anyone still finds the link to the interview, post it here.
SUMMING UP… at some point in the future, we will YES, a new civilization that will cover part of the history of india.

Links → about confirmation that new Indian civilization will be added sometime in the future :

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Well, that confirms that at that time in 2021, someone in Microsoft said they “can” revisit the region later and “explore” a new civ.

That is not, and should not be confused with, confirmation that such a civ is actually going to be released.

I have yet to see the Developers announce there will be any new civs. (Though I certainly have not seen them announce that there won’t be, either.)

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