Indian Jat Lancers completely useless?

  • They cost 400 gold and then 4 population slots!

  • Atonement Card is available at Age 2 but Jat lancer is locked to be trained at Age 3, what’s the point of that card?

  • No techs or cards reduces their cost.

  • No techs or cards help make them useful.

We have one horse cavalry unit for Indians and that too is broken.

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:rofl: :rofl: I always wonder this! since years!

I even tried a Cav box of Jat Lancers and they arent bad TBH but, as stated! they are overpriced and overpop also underrated

They are a fabulous unit if pop is lowered with cost !

EVEN the JAPANESE CAMPAIGN use JAT LANCERS IDK why! but It killed ashigarus smoothly!

They are a counter to Infantry, and actually great in Indians Mirror Match (Sepoy and Gurkha are OP) or against Spanish and Swedes.

please explain why atonement card is available in age2 but doesn’t have any effect at all?

you probably never played a serious match. what difficulty do you play on? tried any online games? you are just impressed by their hitpoints and attack. but the population slot and cost they take up renders them useless.

there are far more cost effective and population effective units to use. 400gold and 4 population is useless. why wouldn’t one use sowars or gurkhas to counter infantry?

Yeah I get what you are saying, they are not bad but definitely not worth 400 gold like other mercs such as ronin or mameluke

Its a age2 card because when thr game released (tad) it unlocked jatlancers in age2, it was absolutely broken so they moved the unit to age3, but decided to keep the card in colonial age.

Ohh!! ya ya sure!! whatever u like to think

You probably haven’t even read the whole comment before replying! : ) so its ok whatever u like to think

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