Individual kill count per unit

Hey guys Aoe 2 player here for 20 years. I used to play Starcraft Brood war a bit as well. I prefer Aoe2, but one feature I really liked from Starcraft Brood War was each unit recorded there individual kill count live during the game. You could see your well placed tank had 50 kills or so. I think this would be really cool feature for AOE2 DE. Imagine seeing how many kills your mangonel or onager gets live during the game. Or how well your scout rushers are doing. It would be great for casters too! Is this a doable mod? Or is this something the Devs could even add into the base game as an option to turn on and off? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


I havent seen much mods for things like this. Maybe this can be part of capture age, but that is not really a mod, but a different extension to me. I also havent seen much mods that change the end statistics by adding new stats to these. I would to see more stats in general at the end. Those stats might be fine 20 years ago, but now it feels like there is missing a lots of stats.

It wouldn’t change the end statistics as each units kill count won’t change your overall kill count in the end. Just a nice and useful thing to be able to see during the game. For example when you click on an archer one of it’s listed stats is it’s kills, and maybe it has 6 kills or something.

Yeah would love to see a kill counter. I’ve asked for this a couple times over the last year. Teutonic knights, inca vils, onagers, monks

I mean tons of people will be posting memes of their kill counters. Especially amazon tunnel… Which is another method of promoting the game…

It’s also a nice feature for testing, when you want to see how many kills each unit has on average and how much spread there is between the values due to e.g. weird pathing.

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it used to be a feature in Voobly/AoE2HD Capture Age. Not sure if that’s still possible.