Indonesian Revolt is weak

Imagine you are portuguese, and you can choose the idonesian revolt. Instead of getting 4/5 organ guns, you get 4 cetbang canons per shipment, which is worse.

There is no way I can play Indonesia as eficiently as other revos because their cards are low tier in comparison. First: that one of the cetbang cannons. I’m not asking them to be 6, but at least 5 FGS.

As some of you may know, there is also a card that grants you an elephant per shipment. You could say this looks OP because with enough time you might send like 40 elephants for example. But… not really. That never happens and there are 2 problems with this card:

1st- The first time you send it you basicly get nothing. And it’s like… LOL. Dude. I’m in 5th age (revolution age) and I get nothing from this shipment? Imagine comparing this to Spain’s “Spanish Gold shipment” which not only stacks with any following cards, but also directly sends you 400 gold at least. And that’s an age 3 card! Imagine what I should expect if we are in 4th/5th age.

2nd- Games don’t last that long, and shipments in lategame are super-slow. It is just not worth it. With the first 3 shipments of this cards you get a total of 3 elephants, which is equivalent to total of 600 food and 240 wood. ¿600 food and 240 wood for 3 revolution shipments? That is BAD. You should be dead by the time the fourth shipment arrives.

So. This is what I suggest:

  • Cetbang cannon shipment from 4 to 5
  • Make the sufi support grant you a base elephant + the stackable one. This way you would get “0, 1, 2…” elephants, but you would start with at least 1. 1 elephant on the first shipment, 2 elephants on the second one… and so on. The other option is to keep it without the base elephant and make it 2 stackable elephants, which might be even more interesting. That way you would get elephants in this order: 0, 2, 4… With 3 shipments that would be a total of 1200 food and 480 resource value in total, which is still not worth it. You would need at least 4 shipments of the same card to make it count, so it would be pretty much balanced. Anyhow: somth has to be done about this.

I recomment looking further on this revo, as I find it lacking over all. The wokou ships also look somewhat weak compared to 2 ironclads, even if they include an elephant. And even with the previous suggestions… I might still find it weak.

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