Infantry buff - my method

I won’t ask for much stats change, so I just put here simply.

  1. Move Squires to Feudal Age
  2. Move Supplies to Castle Age/Imperial Age

The main problem of the sword line is speed. The way the Sword line is created, Supplies mostly feels like an Imperial Age technology. Maybe only Malians and Celts use Sword line in extended Feudal and Castle Age.

Squires upgrade is so much cheap, it feels like a Feudal Age upgrade (identical to Scale Mail). It is a general buff to all infantry. That means that while drushing if you pickup this technology, it won’t be useless after the drush. The spearmen you produce will still be effected by it.

Also think like this, Cavalry is available in Feudal Age and its speed upgrade is available in the very next Age. Why not the same treatment for Infantry.

I haven’t changed Arson because many Infantry UUs use this technology in Castle Age actually, most notably Shotel Warriors.

Supplies is the most expensive Infantry technology among the 3. It deserves to be in Imperial Age, or atleast not in the Feudal Age. Extended M@A (as I said) can be seen only from Celts, Malians and Goths (the latter doesn’t need Supplies).

A minor change, which I feel can be good is: 2HS -1 attack, +1 melee armor. Doing this, the effect of Bagains can be reduced to +4 though. This change increases the survival of 2HS, which is same as LS at present (60 HP, 0 melee A, 1 pierce A).


I see no issues with both techs being in feudal age. Supplies in imp would be a pretty bad idea as it’s always handy to research it in advance when you want to use infantry in imp.


Sorry I have to disagree here. Supplies in castle is just not good at all, especially it is a free bonus for Slavs, and it is much better to be in feudal rather than being castle or imp, and Squires in feudal is useless too, so no.

Just reduce the militia line food cost by 10 and make supplies give another -10, so 40f cost in the end seems better.

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Squires is the most important infantry upgrade after armor upgrades. Basically armor > speed > attack.

It helps with chasing villagers as well as fleeing archers/Skirmishers or maybe other m@a. It also makes Feudal Age spears slightly more viable.


Celts speed have been removed from dark, and now you want to make other civs similar to them by giving them speed in feudal so what left special for Celts?!

2nd thing why you want Squires in feudal?! I mean there is no much benefit because you won’t make big infantry army of spears/m@a to chase some scouts/vills in feudal, you won’t get that much benefit even if it is cheap. Well I don’t mind get it in feudal but it won’t help you, maybe you will get it when you up to castle if you are against cav civ and start to mass pikes with speed being researched in feudal, but nothing more.

more speed then those other civs have, and for free? one of the best melee infantry unique units in the game? strong siege? the best woodcutting civ in the game?


As I said I don’t mind to be a tech in feudal, but I don’t think it will be that good. Lets give an example, you want to go m@a with 3 units, so here you spend 180f, 60g, and 100f, 40g for m@a upgrade, and another 100f for speed to only m@a rush, but I don’t think it will help that much and still not cheap in early feudal except for Bulgarians/Goths.

if its not that big of a help, why was Celt speed moved to feudal age from dark age? just saying - speed is a bigger help then you think. its one of the reasons why Teutons paladins aren’t regarded as good as Franks or Lithuanians.


First of all I totally disagree with removing the Celts speed in dark and I think it is fine and make them have some identity for their drush. 2nd thing, I am not talking about the tech itself good or not, I am talking about costs in early feudal, and it will be a big buff for civs like Bulgarians (top5 civs now) and Goths (in top 10 in +1650 ELO), and it will make Celts identity became less than others with their special speed even with +5% more or free.

What effect does supplies have in the same situation?

5 celt men at arms do 0 damage to 5 archers
10 celt men at arms do 0 damage to 10 archers

small speed doesn’t do anything as long as archers continue to have broken micro mechanics


Not only you save resources, but you also save research time. 15% and 10% are huge when matched up against archers or villagers.

Assuming non-Berber non-wheelbarrow villagers, the 10% speed boost of Squires translates to a 90% advantage and Celt bonus translates to 135% advantage.

Against archers and Non-Lithuanian Skirmishers, regular M@A with Squires are at a 3.125% advantage, Celt ones are at 7.8125% advantage and Portuguese ones are at 6.25% disadvantage.

That’s why I said that Supplies in Castle Age would also make sense. It is unimportant in Feudal Age though.


Idea to make the infantry line in aoe more exciting

Look what I suggested here to make the Infantry more viable against archers and more exciting to use. @SauravT

Squires in Feudal would be a good change imo, supplies might be better in Castle but it shouldn’t matter a whole lot


Imo having both in feudal is fine tho.
Almost always players won’t have enough resources and time to research both anyway.


Agreed with previous suggestions, both infantry upgrades in feudal.

I think the point of that tech when it was added was to be a “step up” tech to support militia line like how Thumb ring and Parthian exists as a “step up” for archers and CA and Bloodlines exists as a “step up” for Cavalry. All these techs were added in later expansions as a way to give a little bonus to the civs that have it.

When you consider it that way, Supplies is a weird one. It only affects the militia line, not Spears or eagles, and it doesn’t affect the raw strength of the unit like the others. In that way, I think if we did push Squires into the Feudal age, Infantry could use a “step up” tech that would be more generally applied. Since they already have so many techs to consider (even after tracking was removed they still have three) we could add an effect to Arson.


Arson - aside from current effect/ + 3 bonus dmg vs siege

Not sure if supplies should effect the pikes - but gold units would probs be okay

I don’t think it would be a good change. Many noobs already research supplies way before they need to, just because it’s there in the barracks. Now squires would become the next noob trap. Against the change for sure.

You can’t say no to everything just because people click on buttons asap. Even clicking useful stuff like wheelbarrow or bloodlines too early is a trap anyway. and clicking squires in feudal would still be a better idea than stone mining lol