Infantry/Cavalry hybrid unit? (actual MAA)

Atm there is little synergy between Infantry and Cavalry as they are both melee units.
But what if we had a unit that benefits from BOTH upgrades?
The unit would ofc be quite slow to get rolling, but would have the potential to counteract the current timing meta.

The base idea would be to make it swap modes like the ratha. In the Infantry mode it would have a high attack and in the Cavalry mode high movement speed.
Also for Balance reasons the Imp upgrades would only give 1 Pierce armor each. But otherwise it would benefit from all Infantry and Cavalry upgrades fully.
It would be available from feudal and have also castle age and Imp upgrades which mostly just increase the attack and give a few hitpoints. Also, as the unit has both armor classes these upgrades increase the units values for these armor classes respectively to that age. I can imagin it starting with like 3-4 cav and 2 Infantry armor increased by about 50 % in each castle and imp. But ofc this needs testing to figure out. Meaning that especially the pikeman line would act as a soft-counter.

With 1 PA and a small Bonus against Cavalry the unit would fare well against especially double gold comps - at the later stages of feudal and castle age, as it needs time and is costly to get all the upgrades. The Imp upgrae should be quite costly and give a big boost to HP - similar to the Paladin upgrade. As in my eyes it should be associated with a quite high Gold cost/ratio - which needs a lategame powerspike to be worth investing so much Gold in it.

I think it would be best if it was trainable from barracks, also because the stable is already quite packed for some of the civs.

The unit would reflect the actual MAA in the middle ages. But ofc as this name is already taken in the game, it’s hard to come up with an alternative.

Visually this would be hard.Does the horse magically appear out of thin air when dismounted to mounted vise versa.

I am currently not sure tbh. There could be a short animation of the MAA climbing or going down the horse.
But it has to be short, cause clearly it’s intended to use the different stances as a micro feature.

So the Horse wouldn’t disappear, just standing by the side of the Infantry version until it’s mounted again.

Also I’m afraid that the intended effect actually won’t be there - atm the age tech advantage is just too big. The unit would have 5 Pierce Armor in Castle age which would potentially face 9 or even 10 Attack Arbs. Ofc with a little eco advantage, but it’s still a lot of damage dealt And for feudal getting BL + 2 armor techs is a lot of Investment considereing the opponent has always the option to just place a Castle and boom behind. Castle Age just gives too much stuff to be punished by a single unit choice with a full Feudal. Would ofc be different if there was a way to add more eco in Feudal aswell.

This reminds me longbowmen and dragoons. Riding on a horse while moving. Standing on ground while fighting.

It helps moving across a big map. But I think it will have limited use.

Horse pocket


An interesting one would be a mounted longbowman or crossbowman. Mounted it’s a light cav unit, that can dismount to use its ranged attack

This sounds like how mounted/dismounted Konnik mechanics should be in my opinion… I proposed it a long time ago… Konnik micro feature

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Interesting. Thouh it isn’t the same.
You have basically 2 completely different units whilst my concept is one unit with two different stances, benefitting from both upgrade lines and also taking the same Bonus damage in both stances.

Also, which is very important for my concept:
I specifically made them trainable from an early accessable building, allowing them to mass early and upgrade later or having an easy switch into them from your other rushes.
This is intended as I want it to be a possible followup of these with the option to long-term use both infantry and cavalry, using the already done upgrades for this new MAA.

And I also intentionally picked the two melee types, as they usually don’t synergize very well - you usually want a melee and a ranged unit. This is essential for a concept intended to counteract the current timing meta, as when you would get a unit that has two synergetic stances it has the potetnial to be completely oppressive as these stances would allow you to “mimic” an entire composition with only one unit choice. That’s why I specifically chose to not make something like a

Which would ofc be an idea for a UU, similar to Rathas. But would have the same type of balance issues.

Dismounting spawns a horse which follows the dismounted unit. If the horse is sniped the unit stays dismounted.

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