Infantry civ concepts

Hello everyone!
These are my first civ concepts. Here are two Infantry civ concepts of mine who are hopefully designed to be able to play Infantry the whole game (wit some other support units). Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about history so I can’t apply a real civilization to them. Feel free to make suggestions for optimization!

Infantry and Archer/Siege civ:


  • Barracks cost 75 less wood
  • Barrack techs cost 50% less food
  • Technologies cost - 50% wood
  • Rams can garrison twice as many units and cost - 50% wood


  • Herdables killed by military units/attacks still contain food

Archer Unit:
3/5 attack
1/0 armor
40/45 hp
0.96 movement speed
ROF: 3
Cost: 40 wood 45 gold
Training time 10 seconds
8/10 bonus damage against cavalry
(to have something against Knights in castle/imperial age)
(relatively low ROF (same as skirmisher))

Infantry unit:
5/7/9 attack
0/3; 0/4; 1/4 armor
35/40/50 hp
1.2 movement speed
ROF: 2
Cost: 30 food 20 gold
Training time: 20/10 seconds (feudal/castle age)
Pike armor class (so they have like 1 pierce armor against crossbows and skirms but they don’t get obliterated by scorpions that hard)
(can be trained in barracks starting in feudal age)
(ok against archers because of high speed and cheap cost)
(upgrades same as serjeant: free stat buff when reaching castle age, elite upgrade required for imperial age stats)

Castle age:
Infantry UU costs - 10 gold
Imperial age:
Spearman line +3 meele armor

Important techs/units missing:
(don’t know anything of stable/CA cause it could be a meso civ)
Heavy scorpion
Siege onager
Bombard cannon
Hand canoneer

Defensive Infantry civ:


  • Villagers +1 pierce armor per age (starting in feudal age)
  • Gold and Stone lasts 25% longer
  • Barrack units cost 15% less food
  • Infantry + 1/2 Infantry armor in castle/imperial age
  • Can build unique building

(unique building that costs 175 wood and can be built in castle age. Used to “buy” generic military units that only cost gold and are trained instantly, but are not affected by BS upgrades. (food/wood cost of unit is halved and added to gold cost (for example knight costs 60/2= 30, 30+75= 105 gold)) They get the upgrades from the barracks/stable/archery for free (for example bloodlines))

Team bonus:

  • Infantry +2 attack vs archers

Infantry unit
9/11 attack
2/1; 3/1 armor
60/70 hp
ROF: 2
1 movement speed
Cost 70 food 30 gold
Training time 15/10 seconds
5/7 bonus damage vs cavalry
(has a unique mechanic where it has to charge (like the coustillier) and then it highers it shield to get into a defensive position where it gains +9 pierce armor and +10% movement speed. Ends when the unit attacks. There to help a Infantry unit to close the gap between archers)
(I don’t know how hard it is to implement something like that but I hope it’s possible)

Unique Techs:
Castle age:
Towers fire 30% faster
Imperial age:
Barrack units return 20% of there cost when they die

Important techs/units missing:
eagle line
steppe Lancer line
Camel line
BE line
Ring Archer armor
Thumb ring
Plate boarding armor
Parthian Tactics
Heavy CA
Siege engineers
Siege onager

I hope that at least some ideas for bonuse/units are helpful