Infantry ordered to construct siege are switching build order

I’m not sure if this is with every civ but I am playing with Abbasid and lately when I order infantry to construct a queue of siege engines they will sometimes skip ahead in the queue before the one they are working on completes. I’m not sure why but one way to recreate it is by:

Select spearman
Order to construct battering ram
Queue a second battering ram next to the first one under construction
Select another spearman
Order second spearman to start construction on second battering ram
First spearman abandons construction on first ram to join the second spearman in constructing the second ram

They eventually go back and finish the first ram once the second is completed, but it’s kind of annoying that it’s switching units orders without input.

Hey @Heftydogg! This isn’t behavior I see. Is this something that happens every time for you? Does this only happen in a particular Age?

I’ve only noticed it in feudal age so far when I’m rushing out some battering rams. It doesn’t happen every time but it happens like 75% of the time so pretty much once per game. My instructions are not great, I’ll get back to you with a more reliable way to reproduce it or take a video. Seems like there’s more than one way it’s happening.

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New instructions:

Select spearmen, order to produce battering ram.
Select those spearmen plus additional idle spearmen in same selection.
Hold shift to queue a second battering ram.

What should happen:

Idle spearmen from selected group start production on 2nd ram, the spearmen working on the first ram finish that ram and then move to the next ram in queue.

What is happening:

The spearmen on the first ram switch over early. Either right away when the 2nd ram is started by the other spearmen, or sometimes they pick a random moment to switch over. Other times it works correctly.

Sometimes they switch over without even being queued to do so. It’s like they get interrupted and physically stand up for a second, then instead of resuming the ram in front of them they walk over to the other one.

Here’s a video of it happening one of the ways for example, but like I said it appears to happen randomly and in more than one way.

Three spearmen are ordered to construct a ram. A 4th spearman starts constructing a 2nd ram (all are queued to make 2nd ram). First ram is near 350hp when 2nd ram is started. First ram gets to 595/700 hp and then the 3 spearmen randomly abandon it for the 2nd ram. Looks like it might be related to the spearmen upgrading to “Hardened” during construction.

Nice! Well done @Heftydogg. Upgrading Spearmen definitely does seem to interrupt the current task, causing them to switch over. I’ll make sure the team checks this out. Much appreciated!