Infinite Farms that Never Need Replenishing

Game settings when observing bug:
-Build ID: 7595436
-Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit
-Platform: Steam
-Skirmish with or without AI opponents
-Civ: Any
-Map: Any
Biome: Any
-Victory: Any
-Win conditions: Any
-Tuning pack: none
-Starting conditions: Any
-Map seed: 7b2785bd and others

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build farm(s) around town center
  2. When remaining food on a farm gets to 65/120 it will spontaneously increase to 75/120
  3. Bug occurs infinitely and farm never gets below 65/120 food
  4. Tested multiple times on different maps/settings/civs with same effects. Have only tested on skirmish

That is how farms are supposed to work. They aren’t supposed to ever run out.

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Feature, not a bug. Farms in AoE4 don’t run out.


And this is so good this way.


Really? My bad. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere. I will leave this up in case anyone else has the same question. It is a bit strange to see a farm have 120 food and then cycle between 65 and 75 food though. There must be a better way to display this information. For example, maybe instead a farm could show how much food has been cumulatively harvested from it rather than count down and infinitely regenerate. Or maybe list the food harvesting rate in food/min. Would also help with figuring out farm efficiency.

I think the cycle between 65/75 is to do with the “squares/patches” in the farm. Once the worker has farmed about half of the food u can see the the old patch regrow.

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I do think that this is unnecessary.

The food amount on the farm should just be infinity.

The animations can still be there.