Infinite relics in the Byzantines

Hello everyone, here to report a serious error in the game, the question is that I was testing the new DLC “which calls itself the best expansion” and I found that the Byzantines have a tremendous error if you carry out the following steps you will obtain relics infinite only with the Byzantines I don’t know if this happens with other civilizations it hasn’t been tested but the bug starts like this

They advance to castles
They collect relics with a Byzantine monk
If they are on a water map, they generate a transport ship and lift the monk with the relic.
Then they either go down and raise it again
In this way over and over again until they get tired then they take the monk down from the transport ship
They destroy the ship
And watch the magic

i attach an image

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Thanks for reporting.
As mentioned in another recent similar topic, a fix should be coming for this one.